Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is the chances of having a male cat neutered and him still spraying the house?

He is getting done tomorrow morning and I'm just hoping that it will work so he can come in the house.
Getting my cat neutered worked for me, and he was about 4 or 5 when I finally got him neutered. He just got really depressed after that, keep your cat active and happy and you'll be fine!
how old is the cat? if he has started to spray before getting him fixed than it might be too late. but its still a good thing to get done... but if hes less than 8 -9 months and hasnt started to spray than you should be fine!
If he's fully grown, you are at risk.
I believe Animluv's answer is correct. If the cat had begun spraying before he was neutered, it's probably too late.
My daughter tells me that even spayed females will "mark" their territory, but whatever they do when they wiggle their tails is odorless to human senses.
Reason the subject came up, I saw one of my cats back up to something and her tail jiggled, just the way I've seen male cats spray.
well i am pretty sure that it will work becuz my cat got neutred and he hasnt sprayed in the house for ever so yah..
i hope everything works out for u and ur cat well good luck u duck! : )
Your cat will still spray for about the first month then he should stop at lest that is what mine did.

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