Thursday, May 7, 2009

What is the easiest was to tame a wild kitten about 4 months old?

I have this kitten who is absolutely adorable and also wild. he is only about 4 months old and he has been coming up to the house and eating my outside cats food. i don't mind but i want to tame him so we can pet him and keep him around.
Wait it out. Just be around. Pet and play with your cats. The little one will advance after observing you. Talk to it - name it - talk to it. Pull a string around the yard. You never know. Eventually the kitten may just jump in and play. When it's sure it can trust you, the kitten will come closer and closer on it's own. Instead of picking it up for cuddling right away, maybe just pet it for some days first.
After you catch him, let him bite you until he is tired of it. It is a freakin wild cat. I hear they make great pets.
catch him and continually pet and hold him until he tames down but you gonna get clawed and bit in the process.
you will have to trap him and bring him inside and keep him in a kennel for a while so that you can forceably hold him.. feed him canned food only when you are there and can hold him - if he is truely wild (not feral) this will involve a lot of stuggle and hissing...and will be very hard (feral much easier)...
gradually you can let it out in a small room - and so on...
Give it some food from your hand. As the cat eats it pet the cat. Scratch it behind the ears. Do this everyday day until it used to you. After that bring it in the house and trim the claws. In no time he will be tamed. Cats can be wild if they haven't been neutered so maybe you should neuter him.
You should not invite outside animals into your home because they never truly lose their wild nature. Wild animals do not make good pets. They are dangerous! If you want to get a cat that is not fully tamed, go to the animal shelter near you and get a stray cat that has been brought in.

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