Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats the matter with my kitty?

hes been gradually losing weight. and tonight i just noticed hes walking crooked and hes laying down with his tail sticking straight up in the air.
does anyone know whats wrong? im bringing him to the vet this weekend but i want to know what it might be.anyone know?
Hi honey. So sorry to hear your kitty is ill. You didn't mention how old he is. IF he is an older cat...the weight loss could be from his aging. As cats age, they begin to lose some of their body fat.
One reason is simply that arthritis sets in and it is difficult for them to jump up to get their food etc. You may want to place the dish next to where he sleeps.
IF he is a younger cat.then I would be concerned with some sort of illness. Walking crooked could be from an ear infection throwing his balance could the tail straigt out.
I think you are wise to be taking him into your vet asap.
We will keep you and your kitty in our prayers.
Many blessings, Patti
Mom to 4 cats..
oooh, I've never seen a cat lay down with it's tail in the air, that can't be good. And the weight loss can't be good. I'm glad you're going to take him to the vet.
sorry no idea. but great call on the vet appointment. did they say anyrhing to you on the phone? i'd call back and ask some questions. walking crooked seems like an equilibrium issue but laying down with tail straight up in the air has me at a total loss. seriously, call the vet and ask the question to them. can't hurt any. good luck, hope all goes well.
Aww.. I feel so bad for your kitty! Poor Thing. =[
I don't relly know, But am glad That you are taking him to the vet! I will pray for your cat, so he gets better.
God Bless!
sometimes kitties lose weight when they have worms...
im a cat expert! even i dont know! vet A.S.A.P.
Good move taking him to the vet. Good luck, I hope everything turns out well.
he may have cancer or diabedies or he is just getting old he is probaly just geting old.
How old is your kitty? With younger cats, it could be intestinal parasites, feline leukemia, FIV. Older kitties the most common diseases are kidney problems, diabetes and thyroid.
Your vet will run tests to find out what is going on. Good luck!
It's possible that he had an embolism, if that is the case you don't want to wait to take him to a vet.
He would appear to be in pain and have a very hard time walking at all...

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