Sunday, August 2, 2009

When can i get money?

I need it
Well you should probably look for a job...but if that is not able to happen for whatever reason...then sell clothes and stuff of a garage sale...
When you work?
Probably when you get a job and earn it. Next question?
When you get off the computer and get a job silly!
what does this have to do with cats? anyway.
okay so first, how old are you?
if you're over 16 yrs old then become a cashier or something. it's easy to get a job over 16.
if you're younger then 16 you can try babysitting, petsitting, doing extra chores, mowing peoples lawns, etc.
when you become a back yard dog breeder and sell stupid mix's of puppies for rediculus money,
when you become a hitman and get paid for murder,
when you stand on a street corner in tight bright red knee high boots and not much else on,
when you get a job.
when you get a loan,
when you rob a bank,
when granny / grandad dies and leaves you millions in inheritance
when you win the lottery.
this enough options for you for now?
when you rob a bank?
get a job..

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  1. Nobody would give him or her a job. First clue. They are obviously stupid.