Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats wrong with my cat?

The past two days my one cat (who we think has psychological problems) has had dilated eyes. It's pretty freaky. She's always been a bit 'off' to say the least and I was wondering what is going on with her eyes.
no new foods, she is fixed and lives outdoors, she has plenty of fresh water to drink, no other cats pick on her.
She's just messed up looking.
your cats doing crack
Vet. Now.
stop waiting for an answer here and take her to the vet
It's a *****.
If its just about the way she looks, I wouldn't worry about it tooo much. If she starts acting funny, a vet visit would be advised.
she might have neurotic issues which you might get checked out by the vet. otherwise you should find out if there are any poisenous plants around that she could eat (which would explain dialated pupils)
vet help is needed here!!
Sure she hasn't got into anything. Like household products?
Catnip maybe? any new pets, plants or people in the house? Could be stress, eating something like soap or some other substance.
Your pet's eyes are very sensitive to changes in light. The middle part of the eye, called the pupil, is constantly in motion, opening and closing to let in the correct amount of light.
Sometimes, however, the pupils stay open regardless of the amount of light they are receiving. This condition, called dilated pupils, nearly always means that something is seriously wrong. "When one or both eyes dilate in good light, your pet could have something wrong with the nerves connected to the eyes or in the brain or the eye itself," says Erika de Papp, D.V.M., a veterinarian at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia.
Nerves are responsible for sensing how much light is reaching the eye and for relaying the message to (and from) the brain, which instructs the eye to make the proper adjustments. When a nerve is damaged or under pressure because of an infection, for instance, or a growing tumor, the eye may not receive the necessary messages and may fail to work properly, explains Dr. de Papp. A swelling in the brain, which can happen following a blow to the head, can also press on the nerves controlling the pupil.
A fairly common condition called glaucoma, in which fluids accumulate in the eye, can also cause the pupil to stay dilated. (Other symptoms of glaucoma may include teariness, redness, or cloudiness of the eye.)
Pets that eat toxic substances such as antifreeze can also develop dilated eyes. If you suspect that your pet has swallowed poison, get her to the vet right away.
In cats, dilated pupils may be caused by a diet of raw fish. Fish contains an enzyme called thiaminase that destroys thiamin, a vitamin necessary for good vision, says Paul M. Gigliotti, D.V.M., a veterinarian in private practice in Mayfield Village, Ohio. In addition, cats given mainly milk or vegetarian diets may become deficient in an amino acid called taurine, which is essential for keeping the retinas healthy. When taurine levels fall, the eyes may dilate.
See Your Vet If...
You suspect that your pet has gotten into poisonous substances like antifreeze
Her eyes are red, cloudy, or teary
Your cat eats raw fish or is on a vegetarian diet
Your pet won't quit scratching or pawing his eyes
His eyes have turned blue, gray, or cloudy, or he is having trouble getting around
His eyes are frequently bloodshot or dry
There has been a watery or discolored discharge from the eyes for 48 hours or more
Your pet's eyes are bulging
The eyelids are swollen or unable to close
There is a growth on the eye or eyelid
One or both pupils are dilated, or they don't respond to light
Your pet seems very sensitive to light
The eyes are droopy or sunken
The third eyelids are covering the lower parts of the eyes
His eyes are continually moving back and forth
Blood or tiny blood vessels are visible in the center (not the whites) of his eyes
His eyelid appears to be turned inward or outward

At least some of these warning signs apply to your pet (possibly.) You need to take her to the vet. ASAP. not to sure but i think it might be cat knip..if u had any lying around your house or if u have her some..she will look its like a drug to cats. but if it isnt that hten u should take her to a cat did this one and it was cat look around and see if and was lyning around the house.. =) well good luck with your cat.
there are a number of plants that are hazardous to cats.. some toxic if ingested..
Also someone could of left out chemicals and your cat could of gotten into them or trash..
take your cat to the vet and be sure!
My cat did this too, I took him to the vet and he told me that cats are very sensitive to their surroundings. We had moved into our new apartment and it turned out that he was reacting to the basement floor paint...cause his litter box was down there. Your cat might be reacting to a type of varnish or something in your house. Anything new done recently? I followed him around a bit and pin-pointed it to the basement, moved his litter box and hes been fine ever since.
i think its time for a vet's visit... btw you know whats freaky? your avatar=] its kinda scary.
You say she lives outdoors. It could be she got into something like antifreeze. Get her to the vet already!
Persistent pupillary dilation could indicate a whole range of neural (brain) and ophthalamic (eye) problems, including that of Horner's syndrome.
Sounds like your kitty is desperately in need of a fundic (eye) exam from your veterinarian. The eye exam would provide hints to what is wrong with your cat, especially since you say that it's got a history of "psychological" problems.
Good luck!
your cat may have ingested (eaten) something while she was outside that could cause dilation.a poisoned mouse or rat that was consumed before it died is a possibility or may have suffered a head injury. then again you may be observing her when she is in "hunt" mode. the eye dilates to take in as much information as possible on the prey (imagined) or not. in any event if you are worried take her to your vet.
my first cat did the same thing. then she wasn't eating or drinking. brought her to the vet and found out she had liver cancer and had to be put down. we found out the her eyes were dialated because she had gone blind. bring your cat to the vet before it is too late. be prepared for a big bill though. but if you want to save your kitty, no price is too large. some vets even do payment plans

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