Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's the best way to keep a bedroom stink-free from cat litter?

I would need to keep the litter box in my small bedroom room! So even cleaning it out multiple times a day would not be enough.
If you scoop every time it's used, there should be no buildup of odor. Take the used litter OUTSIDE, not in the indoor garbage which keeps smells hanging around.
One cat shouldn't make that much of a scent difference, unless you let the urine soak the bottom of the litter box. Feeding good food reduces the odor of the poop quite a bit, especially if you feed mostly dry. Any food found at grocery stores isn't 'good food'.
The silver Wysong bag of Vitality is only $8 and is one of the better ones on the market. Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul is $8 too, Royal Canin Siamese 38 is $11, EVO is around $17 but the bag lasts 2 months.
they sell odor free cat litter that also absorbs odor
What type of litter do you use? I have found that clumping litter works best and eliminates odor. Also do you have a closed top litter box or a just a litter pan? The closed litter boxes have filters in them which help reduce the smell and they trap odors inside. I also use some vaccum powder (scented) in the litter box after I have cleaned it and that works great too! You can also plug in a air freshner into the wall socket by the litter box to help reduce odors. Hope these tips were helpful!
Or baking soda,lots of it.But I think they make a cat litter with that too.Won't be cheap.Get cat litter that clumps if you can.One clump and its gone.Thats the easies way.
Place baking soda on the bottom layer of the pan. Buy a good Hepa air purifier. Switch it on high at night.
I've tried everything. Fresheners don't seem to work. The only way is to change it daily. When you change it, scrub the tray with bleach to get rid of any residue and also scrub the floor where it has been.
I have my litter box in my room and I have no problems with odors.
Get an unscented scoopable litter. Scented litter will do little to eliminate the smell and may make the cat aviod the box. Scoopable litter will help you scoop up pee clumps, the biggest culprit in your smell issue.
Use a lot of cat litter and scoop everyday. Dispose of the waste outside your room. If he gets to the bottom of the pan you will have to dump out all the litter and thoroughly clean. Therefore, you should use enough litter so that he does not get to the bottom of the box.
Make sure your room is well ventilated. If your door is always closed with little to no fresh air coming in then the smell is more likely to get trapped. Keep the door open when you can and open a window sometimes
I can sympathize. While living at home with my family, my cats were forced to live in my room with me. I recommend putting a plug in febreez air purifier near the litter box to keep the air clean and use arm%26hammer carpet deodorizer when you vacuum the rug. It works wonders on the smell of a room. You can get both at any mainstream grocery store.
i have my litter box in a small room also and it dosent stink at all use the tidy cats scoop away it is an awsome oder controll for the litter box i prommise you will be happy with the results
I used to use Tidy Cats clumping litter. The clumps used to break apart every time you would try to scoop.. And those little pieces hanging around in the pan keeps it stinking.. I recently switched to Everclean Scented Clumping Litter. Not only does it smell pleasant to humans, but the granules are smaller and softer so cats like it better, too. The only thing is.. It's a little dusty, so you may want to use with an open litter pan. But the clumps don't break apart as easily and haven't broken yet while trying to scoop the box, so I'll be keeping it around. Also, check out "Zero Odor." It's a spray that eliminates odors.. It doesn't cover them up, so it's not scented.. After my cat poops, I spray the zero odor and spray a little bit in the litter after scooping just for good measure. Also, make sure you're scooping at least once a day and after scooping, take the trash OUTSIDE.

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