Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats wrong with my kitten? She's about 12 weeks old, a stray that we adopted.?

She had been the life of the party. Acting like a normal cat, maybe a little more evil than most. =) I came home from work today and she had gotten sick, nothing strange about the mess. Now its like she's in slow motion. She doesn't meow, or wanna play. She still follows me around and wants to be loved all the time but her zip is gone. She eats and drinks, and uses the bathroom. I can't figure out what is wrong with her. She won't clean herself either. Today is the first day this has happened. Do cats get sick like humans, where she will get better in a few days? I dunno, but I'm worried. She's my baby, she's my kismet. Yep, thats her name. I sure would appreciate some advice, plz . . .
First, did you have her to the vet yet? Cats that are stray can harbor illnesses and not show any symptoms until they are really sick. She needs to be vaccinated and wormed asap.
Could she have gotten into anything that could be harmful, maybe a chemical or a house plant?
I would recommend getting her into a vet right away. Take a stool sample with you that is no more than a few hours old. They will want to check it under the microscope to see if she has any parasites.
Do not feed her for 8 hours. Only give her fresh water. This will allow her stomach to rest. After that time, boil a small amount of chicken and rice for her to eat. This is bland and easier on them. Just like humans, after you get sick, you don't feel up to par and are not very active.
Have you given her any hairball remedy since adopting her? Since she is not grooming herself, she may have a hairball that needs to work itself out. Rub about a half inch of the stuff on her paw. She will instinctively clean it off and get it into her system. This will help her pass anything that may be a minor blockage. I would recommend brushing her several times a week, especially during warmer weather and giving her the hairball remedy twice a week as a future preventative.
Do you have a vet already? If yes, then call them. Most vets have an emergency number. Even if they can't see her tonight, they may offer you some additional advice.
Watch her closely until you can get her in. If she woud seem to get worse, take her in immediately.
Be sure she is drinking water. You can do a quick check for dehydration by pinching up the scruff of her neck. It should go back into place quickly. If it doesn't and kinda stays up, she is most likely dehydrated. That is a good sign of illness in a cat or dog. It is also very dangerous.
So, closely monitor her. Keep her inside. Cats are notorious for trying to escape to hide when they are sick. Collect a fresh stool sample and keep it refridgerated until the vet appointment. Try to keep her calm and comfortable so she doesn't get stressed out.
I hope this helps you and her out. I commend you for taking in a stray. I just hope you will follow through and get her the proper care. Prevention, such as shots, a fecal test and simple bloodwork are much less expensive than emergency treatment.
I would also recommend having her spayed asap since she is already old enogh for the procedure but will need her shots before having it done. This will keep her from wanting to escape as much and will also prevent any unneeded litters.
Try the vet!!!!
I'd call the vet and get her in for a checkup - it could be a birth defect or some virus she got when she was in contact with other cats and kittens. Many times, early detection is the difference between life and death in cats and kittens.
(it could be nothing too - she might have eaten something bad or something, but bettter safe than sorry)
my cat has done that before and it was like a kitty cold, we took him to the vet and he was fine but i would go to the vet just to be sure plus mine was a 3 year old boy.
Please take her to the vet, it sounds like she might have eaten something that poisoned her. Do you take any meds that might have fallen on the floor? Do you have any houseplants? Many houseplants and cut flowers are poisonous to cats. Since she is a stray, have you taken her to the vet for her first check up yet? If so, was she specifically tested for feline leukemia and feline aids? I hope you get her in soon and figure out what's going on.good luck.
Is she up to date on her shots? Does she have runny eyes?
Has she swallowed string, rubber band, etc.?
She is following you around because she wants your help %26 reassurance...she sees you as her mom.
At three months old, that's pretty scary...esp. if she hasn't had her shots.
She really needs to be seen by a vet.
I wouldn't count on her getting better in a few days, the sooner you see a vet the better, as it's always better to catch illness before the cat becomes too worn down from it.
Take her to the vet. It could be a number of things, some serious, some not. Best of luck.
First of all I would take her to the vet. They can help with any problem. OK best wishes to you and your cat...
If she is up to date on her shots, ie now at 12 weeks is her last round, there should not be much to worry about.
You should take her to the vet.
Get her to a vet. She sounds like she is sick; maybe some kind of internal parasite or infection. Worms maybe? Please get her treated. That isn't normal.
Firstly cats do get sick sometimes. It is strange that she still eats but has no energy to do her usual things. You could wait and see how she goes as she is eating and drinking still. A good idea is to call the vet and speak to someone there. The nurse at my vet always gives me great advise on what I can do at home and then suggests that if that doesn't work to bring her in to see the vet. It's just a quick phone call but it could help your kitten and put your mind at rest.
take her to a vet as soon as possible has she had her distemper shots my cat acted the same way except she had diareha and she died within a week!!

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