Sunday, August 2, 2009

When can i get my cat neuterd?

please seek advice of a vet and why you wanna do it is is against nature
after 6 months? ask a damn vet.
Your local vet clinic.
usual office hours
2 months old
The sooner the better--preferably before they hit puberty. You want to get your cat neutered before they start developing some of those more aggresive male tendencies, such as spraying.
6 months old at the earliest, before they go into heat. If he goes into heat, it will cost more to get him fixed due to possible complications.
vetirain clinic
1130 tuesday morning. i'll book you in
as early as the day before it turns 6 months old.
I do know the answer but your cat paid me to keep quiet.
I usually spay/neuter my cats at about four months.
Your cat needs to be 2lbs in weight before he can be neutered.
A male cat should be neutered at 5 months. Six at the latest.
There is a theory that neutering too soon can cause urinary complications as the male ages. Five months is a safe and practical age, because it is just before sexual behaviors start kicking in.
at the vets office or u can do it yourself :) jk dont do that got o the vets and say i need to get my cat neuterd now or i will wip out my .50 mm gun and blow your head off! jk jk

%26#92;You need to get neuterd now bc they need to be neutered at 5 months 6 at the lasted!
They are neutering male cats earlier than ever. A good age is 4 to 6 months old. Check with your vet and do what he or she recommends. Some don't do it as early as others. If you are short on cash check out the neuter scooter or the Anti Cruelty Society. Both offer low cost spays and neuters. I just got my cat neutered for $10.00. Had to pay for the distemper shot too but that was only $15.00.
It's best to do it after they are one year old
They generally wait until kittens are about 6 weeks old. Just don't have them declawed.
any time after he is 6 months old most vets can do that for you
Many vets now will neuter and spay young kittens. Check around at local vets. There are 4 around me that will neuter/ spay kittens at 2 lbs or 8 weeks old.
actually it used to be 6 months...5 years ago when i was working in a vet office the vet i worked for did it at 4 months..nowadays theres what they call early age spay/neuter if you can find a vet that will do it. rescues use this to guarantee that pets get spayed or neutered, used to be if you got a shelter pet you signed a contract stating that you would have them done at 6 months if they were younger than the majority of shelters make you get it done before you take them home.heres a website with some info. and btw ive had several animals altered at 6 months, and i have a 10 week old male kitten who is already neutered and his recovery was alot easier
They have to have reached puberty before they can be neutered so for a male cat this is six months at the earliest, it is probably better for the cat if you can hang it out til he is about nine months old, but if he starts displaying tom cat behaviour before this then get it done at six months!
ask a vet
I would say 6 months and older
At around six months old, though some vets will do it earlier. If you call your local RSPCA or Blue Cross, they will tell you, if you don't have a regular vet. If you do, call your vet. If your cat is older than six months, as long as it is not a female in season, she can be spayed, if it is a male, older than six months, anytime. The Blue Cross and I think, the RSPCA will neuter a cat for little or no cost, as it is the responsible thing to do, but if you have a vet, you would be best taking it there so as not to put a strain on the other services. If you are on a low income or benefits, the Blue Cross and RSPCA are happy to help.
you can have it done betwen 5 and 6mths
you can get your cat neutered at 6mths, it is best to do it then, because if you wait until they are older and they experience adult hormones, some of the hormone behavier can stay with them.
if a female cat is born at a certain time of the year , they can have an early season and some vets may neuter them before 6mths, check with your vet! it is not good for them to have a litter so young and any kittens may be unhealthy.
You can get your cat spayed/castrated at the age of 5-5 1/2 months onwards,If it is a female they will be in season on and off until they either get spayed or mated. Some of the behaviour they do is weird they miaow and throw themselves on the floor with their bum in the air.
Any time from the age of four months. Some vets like to wait until six months minimum, but this seems to be a historical bias, not a medical one. Chrck with your vet for their preference.


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