Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats wrong with my cat?

she acts lethargic---tired, weak, dosnt want to move, she has slept for the majority of 2 days
shes not hungry
Please dont just tell me to bring her to the vet, i know that part. I just want to know whats wrong. Thanks so much!!
Obiously your cat is sick and needs to be seen by a vet. If you know that part, why are you waiting? You can't possibly expect a bunch of strangers to diagnose what a vet would see. These signs are signals for a number of very serious conditions and diseases. Get her to a vet a.s.a.p. and don't waste any more time on the internet.
Sorry to not follow what you said or be rude but your vet can tell you what's wrong.
I hope your cat will be ok!
Is there any chance she could've ingested anti freeze?
Sounds like a infection of some sort.Better get her to the vet,cats are quite delicate and can go down fast.
Anything could be wrong with your cat. She could be tired and weak, because her body is fighting off infection and she needs her rest, if she's sick she's not going to want to move much, and when we are sick we sleep often too. And if we are sick with a stomach flu, we don't like to eat either. By your description of symptoms, your cat could have anything. I know you don't want to hear this, but you should just bring her to the vet. That way they could run tests for infectious diseases, broken bones, and other possibilities.
maybe she is just aging.
have you done any major changes in your household lately that could have stressed her out (moved, gotten some new pets, etc)?
have you changed her food to a new brand (maybe that's why she doesn't want to eat it)?
Is this a sudden change? Was she really frisky and upbeat before?
There are lots of things that could be wrong. Is she using the litter box? Making a mess outside the litterbox? Eating, pee-ing, and pooping are good signs.
Usually when an animal is lethargic and not hungry, it's something serious - cancer, kidney disease, poisoning. Get your cat to the vet right away, and be prepared that there's a chance it will be extremely expensive to make her better - and you might have to put her down. I'm sorry.
It can be so many things. Did you kitty get into anything? How old is your cat? There is such a wide variety of things that it could be. So I am going to say what you don't want to hear, but I would take it to a vet. If money is an issue talk with the Humane Society in your area. They might be able to help. I hope that all goes well with you cat.
Could it be the temputure.? Has she been around other cats? Has she been wormed lately? Have you rearranged furniture or some other change, Is she old.?
It could be a wide array of things. Those are just telltale signs that your cat isn't feeling well.
In fact, once I called my vet's office to ask some advice. All I told the receptionist was that I didn't think my cat was feeling well and she recited all those symptoms you typed. If it's been two days you really need to just suck it up and taker her to the doctor.
maybe she has cancer or needs to be put to sleep, but i
don't know your cat so I can't help.
Could be diabetes, try giving her a little treat with sugar or some mountain dew, like a cap of it. If that seems to pep her up its probably that. If so, you need to go ahead to he vet so they can get her on some medications.
There could be any number of things wrong with her and you need to get her to the vet as soon as possible. Call them first thing in the morning and explain the symptoms and get her to them as soon as you can. If it's already gone on for two days, there may have been a lot more damage done than you know.
Good luck!!

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