Sunday, August 2, 2009

When can a kitten go to a new home?

I think you can safely send him on his way at eight weeks. He may not be nursing from the mother before that and time spent with siblings is also very important for cat socialization. Ideally it would go to a home that will take TWO kittens if there are any siblings.
Kittens are generally taken from their mothers around 8 weeks of age.
at about 8 weeks of age
the kitten should be atleas 6 weeks of age.
8 weeks is the norm, however breeders of pedigree cats usually keep them 2-3 weeks longer (many breeders clubs have this later date in their code of ethics).
Each kitty's development is unique, but they should never ever leave before 8 weeks.
8 weeks at the earliest. They will be weaned earlier than that, but they need the additional time with the mother to learn things like bathroom habits and how to be a cat. Kittens taken from their mothers earlier than that are prone to litterbox issues as they get older.
8 - 12 weeks of age. The older the better. The better bond they have with there mother the better temperament they will have in the long run.
Totally agree with everyone who said "6-8 weeks".
The mother is responsible for teaching the kittens LOTS of things before that period.
We had a kitten that we had to adopt at 4 weeks due to the death of the mother. She was a good cat and lived to be 9 years old. But, during her life, she had more behavioral problems than any other cat we'd ever had (separation anxiety, litter box problems, etc.)
I will always believe that this was because she did not have her mother for a couple more teach her some of the most important skills.

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