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When adopting a shelter cat, is male or female better?

Of course it will be neutered/spayed so other than those obvious problems, what is the overall difference when deciding? We have two small children and a goldfish.
I am always proud to write to someone who is saving a life.
To be honest, there is no difference and you never know what you will get as cats personalities so vary. The cat I felt the most closest too was female,not a lap cat and kissed me
only a few times a year yet we couldn't have been any closer. I had a male that when I patted my chest would jump on my lap and start kissing me all over. You just never know
Boy or girl can be shitzy, very friendly, aggressive ect. With love kindness and patience in the house, whichever you choose will be the right one.
It really depends on the cat.
In my experience, the males generally tend to be more loving than the females but there are always exceptions.
The females are the hunters. Males hunt but not like the females do.
I have 2 females and they are sweet. Neither of them are lap cats but they like to be petted and for the most part are gentle.
It's important the kids respect the cat. Some cats are sneaky so you may have to take care of the goldfish. Cover its house.
get a girl (baby)and raise it to not scratch or attack the fish
i would get a girl, because the males piss allover the place lol
i think girls are better because they dont spray
I really prefer male cats...but they do spray..and having them fixed doesn't always stop that problem. But I have found that males make the best pets.
I personally prefer to adopt already spayed FEMALE cats (adults)
if you have 2 small kids you might think a kitten is a cute idea.. but kittens are very claw agressive and kids can really hurt them.. I would suggest getting a more sedate adult - go to the shelter and hold the ones you think are your main choices - pick the one that is most "holdable"
move the gold fish out of the cats sight.
( I prefer females ONLY becuase there is a very slight chance of males, even fixed ones, spraying)
well, sometimes males can be more aggressive, but not all of them. it really depends on the kitty's personality. but i kno one thing for sure, hide your goldfish somewhere the cat cant reach!! my kitty knocked down my whole fish tank and all my fish were dead by the time i came back
i think they both are as nice as each other ...
i have a 11 month old tabby male which have had since a kitten and we have fish and he hasnt once bothered with them
and we also have a siamese female which i have now had a week and she is very very lazy and hasnt bothered with fish or birds

so i woudl advise getting either a young kitten doesnt matter which sex or a older cat around 4 ish plus ... just make sure u get cat with nice temprement for the children
and rember kittens do scratch when little so maybe not the best idea with children
I think female cats are laid back .
male cats have more energy. When picking one from a litter, pick the kitten that comes to you.. Mail or Female doesn't matter. Letting the kitten pick you is always best.Best of luck...
Ultimately it depends on the individual cat. A laid-back adult who tolerates the kids and has the personality you're looking for is probably going to be your best bet. A cat who was raised with kids would be a big plus. Tell the shelter what you're looking for and they may be able to match you up with a fitting cat.
As a generalization, females tend to be a little more aloof and pet-me-on-my-terms while males are usually a bit more laid-back. Any cat - be it intact male, neutered male, intact female, or spayed female - has the physiological ability to spray. Spayed females and neutered males have roughly the same incidence of spraying - when cats are 'fixed' it really boils down to is how territorial the individual cat is.
both sexes make great pets, both (even though "fixed") will 1 - 2 times "mark" their territory (i have owned cats since a child and have never had a cat yet who hasn't initially marked its territory).
The best way to decide on a cat from a shelter is to ask how friendly the cats are, do you just want a loving friendly cat or a lap cat (they are completely different).
I wouldn't get one that's too young either as they tend to be more scatty (very funny but painful if they choose to shinny up your naked legs)
Children have to have boundaries and know (be told) what is and isn't acceptable behaviour to a cat (no continual pulling about as it won't appreciate it), please don't expect to get a cat and it just settle immediately with the kids. Its taken a long time to settle our last rescue cat into the house and for him to accept my son. The cat used to swipe him whenever he went near.
With time the kids and cat will learn to love each other but you will need to monitor how they handle the cat
As for your fish, just ensure a good fit on the lid (my fish were never been bothered by my cats, when i had fish that is)
Well done on re-homing a needy animal, a star for you
it really just depends on the individual cat's personality, and it can be hard to get an idea of a cat's personality just from visiting it at the shelter. i adopted one female and one male from the same shelter and the female is laid back, fat, and lazy. :) the male is small and hyper and annoying (in a cute way).
I would get a female I dont really like the males. we have always had females and they're so sweet
I have two cats that I got at the shelter, they both turned one in May. We got the male when he was very young and just a little kitten, and we got a female in April. They are both great cats. I haven't had any problems with either one of them using anything but the litter box, as long as it is clean. I've had good luck with both of them and wouldn't have a preference over the male or female, except for my wife picked out he male and I got to choose the female. But that was just because they were the cats we were drawn too.
Also, neither one of them has messed with my goldfish. It sits in a small cover tank on my kitchen counter and we've trained them to stay off the counter.
In my experience, male cats are usually friendlier and more affectionate, but really, it depends on the individual cat. When you go to the shelter, if you see a cat you like, try playing with it, and see how it reacts to the kids.
Every cay has a different personality and show different levels of affection. Also, their attitudes can change as they get older. I once had a cat (a female) who was incredibly nasty when she was young. When she became middle aged, she became loving, but only to my family. When she got old (she lived to be 20), she showed affection to everybody who visited our house!
As for spraying, yes - male cats can do that, but neutering usually fixes the problem. Female cats can be known to mark their territory as well.
I would recommend going into the shelter with an open mind. I've learned that looking for a particular kind of cat never works! The right cat will pick YOU, not vice verse :)
Good luck, and congrats on becoming a cat person!!
The answer depends on the breed - even those you think are mixed moggies. Mackeral coloured cats are very talkative and like company, (male and female). Black and white are more solitary and like hunting - lots of 'unwanted' dead gifts will be brought to you. Black can be shy and very adoring to a single person. If you get the chance to choose, let the cat choose you rather than the other way around.

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