Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats up with my cat?

my indoor cat got very very skinny (only his lower body) and he had knots on his hair but i think he ripped them out. but he is losing lots of hair. there is nothing wrong with his skin or anything he looks normal exept he is so skinny. i am going to take him to the vet soon but what could be wrong with him. o yea he pees everywhere too grr. is it bc he hasnt been fixed?
Is the fur falling out or is he pulling it out? Losing weight is something not to be ignored, can be something as simple as worms but could be impending kidney failure. I would take him to the vet as soon as possible. Good luck, I hope he is ok and its something easily treated
could be worms, could be sick..
You cat can be seriously sick,loosing weight naturally %26 fast doesn't show anything good for an animal (or anybody).Take to vet as soon as possible,I am sure he/she will explain to you what's happened to your cat much better than i :) Hope it helps :)
I don't know about anything u just said but my best guess would to let the vet check him out.
It sounds like he might have some sort of infection, maybe a uti. that would explain all of the things you described. When animals don't feel well (just like humans) they decrease or even stop eating. If they stop eating they loose weight. If they aren't getting any nutrition then their hair will eventually start to fall out due to malnutrition. The excessive urinating could be obviously from a UTI. You can find some stuff at the pet store, this will only help as fair as weight and nutrients, that you can get to help boost the amount of calories the cat's taking in. It's a gel that's basically straight calories. You can put it in their mouth a few times a day, that way he'll at least be getting something. However, you do need to try to get to your vet as soon as you can.
Get him to the vet asap. Could be something as simple as worms, which is easily treated. Good Luck!
jelousy? stress? my cat once got jelous of my other pets and wasn't eating anything. We had to force him to eat. he was very sick and weak.
yeah probably the vet is what i would do...dont wait too long make him an appt asap

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