Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats up with my cat?

i went away for the weekend and left my cat with my mum in her house, since i have been back he doesn't want to know me. He seems frightened of me and is just hiding under my bed, will he come round?
Yes he will be fine. He is probably just mad at you for leaving him and is anxious because of all the moving in case he moves again. Make a fuss of him and I am sure he will come round in a few days! Good luck X
Course he will, he's just annoyed with you for leaving him! Funny creatures cats! Coax him out with tit bits and treats, he'll soon be your best mate again!
he will come round
Yes, he's just mad at you for leaving him, my kitten does it to me when I go out to check the mail!
this happened to me once , i went away for 5 days an when i came bck my cat was distant. to solve this, i gave him extra TLC. i pampered him and kept him around me!!
Cats are funny creatures and very much don't like being disturbed or disrupted and at the moment he just unsure, just give him plenty of fuss and love and he will soon come around.
Of course he will, just make sure only you feed him for a while and maybe get some kitty treats for him to spoil him with. He's just having a sulk, it will pass.
when i leave my cats they do the same thing
but always come round
give more attention than norm when he comes out
he''ll be back to normal in no time
He'll come around. Open a can of tuna for him. You might ask your mum what he was like when you were away?
Dont worry lilly_sammie! He is just being a cat! Huffy little things they are! Esp. my lot!! lol
Hi hun,
Ahh don't worry - he'll be fine. He's just spooked about having been in a different house for the weekend and probably thought you had left him for good and is confused about seeing you again.
My boyfriend went away only for 1 night a little while ago, and when he came back our cat (who REALLY loves my boyfriend!) completely ignored him! He usually runs to the door when my boyfriend gets home from work, but this time he looked at him and just walked away. The next day he was back to his normal self!
Let your cat come out of hiding in his own time. Give him his favourite food and when he does come out, try to give him lots of fuss. Things will be back to normal soon, don't worry.
xx Emmie

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