Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats wrong with my cat?

my cat is 4 weeks pregnant and today she wouldn't leave me alone she wanted me to be with her at all time she made me follow her to her bed and the when i petted her she puts her head on my hand and closes her eyes, the second i leave her she meows and follows me then when i stay with her she cleans her bottom and then turns back and forth to lay down could she be in any pain? should i take her to the vet
Awwww so cute.... Get a large cardboard box ready, with da flaps cut off %26 lined with soft blanket or towel. Cut 1 side of it down until about 8" of cardboard is still intact, so when dey get big enough to make it over da 8" wall dey will be ready to do their own thing without mama. Find good homes %26 goodluck!
Yes, because it is pregnant and will give possibly soon birth it hurts and she wants you to massage or whatever to make her more comfortable. That's my guess. Good luck to you and your cat!
Ususally cat do one of two things when they are pregnant. THey either get really nasty and hiss/ scratch at you...or they become overly lovey. If she is okay will you feeling her stomach and being around you and just wants to be loved on chances are it just her hormones acting crazy and she is craving some closeness. But if she is meowing more whne you touch her chances are she may need to go to the vet. Also are you positive she is only 4 weeks pregnant? Because if she is farther along it could also be a sign of the begining of labor. Either way if you are worried I would give the vet a call and atleast tell them you worries and they will know better if she needs to go in.
Are you completely sure how far along she is? I had a cat that was acting like that when she was in labor. Here are a couple cat websites that might be of some help.
I hope this helps.
She's having pains...!
Should make her a little nest where she can give birth.
Be sure to be there when she has them, you are like a bestfriend to her. If you're not she might be weird like my cat, no one was home when she had them and she avoided us and evil eyed us when we visited her in my brother's dresser, lol. I don't think going to the vet is necessary, but if u want to, u can.

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