Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's wrong with my cat?

I have a 3 year old cat that has been acting strange lately. Sometimes, randomly, he'll squint his eyes, turn his head, and clean himself. Meanwhile, his back will be twitching. Does anybody know what's wrong? My aunt thought it might be a flea, so my mom got flea medicine, but he's still doing it. Do you think it could be neurological? I don't know if it's serious or not.
It could still be fleas. There are some flea medacines that kill only the live fleas but not the eggs and the eggs will hatch every week or so. So to ensure that it is gone permenantly the best bet would be to have a vet administer or get from a vet flea medacine. Thier stuff kills live and eggs.
I don't think that it is neurological, my two cats do the same and it is only when they have fleas. After we bathe them and give them the medacine that goes away.
Did you flea comb him back there?
What kind of flea meds did you mom give him?
Frontline for Cats is best. IMHO -- you get that from the vet.
If he continues to lick lick lick, take him to the vet
Possible might also be a food allergy
wanit a few more days and then take him 2 the vet
If its not fleas...Did a drastic change happen in your cat's life? That's the only thing I could think of that might make him act this way. Keep in mind that animals can see things that we cant.
I would say flees
PETT YOUR p .u .s .s .y cat more
It very well could be neurological! My mom`s cat does that - and ends up licking patches of hair off his sides and belly - and runs around the house with his back twitching. My mom`s vet ended up giving him something that calms him down and he has completely stopped this behaviour. My mom was able to ween him off this medication for 2 years but then she had some work done to her house, which apparently caused him some distress such that she had to put him back on the meds. These meds don`t change his spirit, just his licking-scratching behaviour. I would suggest going to the vet and asking about it. Unfortunately I don`t know the name of the drug BUT there definately is something out there for them. We had another cat when I was growing up that exhibited the same behaviour as well. Our vets at the time didn`t know of the pill that my mom has for her cat now so if you run into a vet who doesn`t know, I would just ask another.
good luck!
well my cat does that sometimes but i don't really worry it might just be like if he kinda bites while doing it that is probably it...if your really worried take him to the vet.But you shouldn't worry too much.(=^.^=)
He could have skin rashes.
Or he could be allergic to something and he is trying to sneeze but for some reason he can't.
Also he might have epilepsy.
And he is having a seizer

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