Sunday, August 2, 2009

When a tom cat reaches puberty, does his voice break?

Yesterday my 6 month old tom cat's miouw suddenly deepened into a growl and he is still growling instead of mewing today. He isnt in a bad mood. Has his voice broken or is he just hoarse or does he have a sore throat or something? He's had all his vaccinations and is eating well so I dont think he's caught any virus.
Male cats do have a deeper growly call when they're in the mood for love! Even female cats can have a startling raucous cry when in season - especially siamese. If your cat is eating and drinking normally I don't think you need to worry - but bear in mind that there are lots of good reasons to have tomcats neutered - as you will realise if he scent marks your house!
Are you sure its a cat and not a Tiger you have there dude..
sorry man the cat is fuggucked.
As a cat matures its voice does change from a high kittenish squeak to a lower miaow. But this is gradual and not as dramatic or distinct as in a human.
A growl is a different form of vocalisation from a miaow. If you cat normall greets you with a friendly and communicative miaow but is not growling then he is either scared or in pain and needs to be seen by a vet.
I totally think he's entered puberty and you may want to watch out for him getting interested in girl cats..classic sign of cat puberty..
Sounds funny but their meows do deepen when they go through puberty but it generally happens gradually rather than a instant change.
He may have a sore throat or furball if he is coughing or sneezing contact your vet otherwise i wouldnt worry to much
if he's six months old fix him immediately. Otherwise he will begin spraying (marking his territory) and once he's begun the habit, neutering may not even stop him. But if he's neutered before he begins that habit, then it's almost a 100% guarantee that he won't spray.
Trust me on this. I see a dozen people a day asking how to stop their male cat from spraying, and I just have to shake my head and think "you can't"

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