Sunday, August 2, 2009

Whats wrong with my mums cat?

He's a 7 year old ginger tom, and over the past few days he's been appearing confused. He keeps walking round in circles, dazed and confused. He stops inthe road, and neighbours have complained he's been in front of there car and they've nearly run him over. Luckly she only lives on a quiet cul de sac, but he could still get hurt. She is going to take him to the vet if he doesnt get better, but she cant really afford it, so i said i'd look on here for advice first. Can anyone help?
cat migraines
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Take him already or right
I would run to the vet as soon as possible. It is possible this cat has rabies or has contracted a serious neural disease.
It could be an inner ear infection, or a brain tumour.
My cat did the circling in his last days. He had a tumour.
perhaps hes been hit by a car , if she gets her council tax paid for her she can get one pet registered with the PDSA and avoid having to pay vet bills,
good luck
sounds like a stroke, they're rare but I believe a symptom is walking in circles.
your wrong with your mums cat
No sorry I can't help. But I know someone who can...A Vet. I suggest you take your mums cat to one!
maybe hes losing his sight...
bring him inside until you can get him to a vet, so he doesn't hurt himself...i hate to say this but my 14 year old cat started doing that exact same thing, and turns out he had a brain tumor...we had to put him to sleep
Could be an illness causing neurological issues
Could be the cat has been hit, has a head injury.
Either way, she needs to spend some money, if nothing else, to have the vet SEE the cat.
my siamese did that and she was five years old. i gave her more attention and she did get better. it might be that his vision is blurry because of his age. i am sorry that i couldn't be of much help. good luck with your cat. ~
It's time for a trip to the vet's. Could be some sort of toxic plant or other sustance has been ingested. Could be vision or hearing. KEEP CAT INDOORS.
Could also be neurological (head trauma or illness) so vet's is really a must. But please,please don't let him out. Check his hearing %26 vision.
Maybe he's had a stroke and it caused brain damage. Here's an idea: don't let him outside and make sure he can't get out. See a vet about it; it could either be bad or get bad.
This sounds like what happened to my cat last year. When I took her to the vet it turned out to be a spider bite that infected her blood stream. Your going to have to go to the vet a.s.a.p! If money is a concern call around to different vets and see if they can arrange a payment plan. If that does not work call up your local ASPCA and ask if they can help, if not they would know who to call in ypur area.
Whatever the cause it sounds like he needs a Vets help...I KNOW it can be expensive but this could be something that can be helped if you take him NOW but not if you procrastinate. Good luck and I hope it turns out to be something very simple.
My cat went like that, and the vet told us she had 'mad cow disease'.
We have never fed our cat tinned cat food that contained beef eversince.
This may sound like a wind-up, but I promise you this is the utter truth. It was quite upsetting : (
He may have been hit by a car, and is suffering from concussion. He needs to see a vet
It could be anything he needs the vet to check him over
Hi Michelle, i don't think its anything very serious, it sounds as if your Mum's cat has an ear infection! Any ear imbalance in cats will cause them to walk in one direction ( usually circles! ) get your Mum to firstly smell the cats ears, first the left one, then the right. if theres an infection there she'll be able to smell it, horrible i know but its the best way to tell, sorry. If one of the ears does smell, you'll know its that ear thats infected. Check the other one just in case though. Get your Mum to then look into the ear if the cat will let her although it probably won't because it might be painful. if the cat does allow it, shine a torch into the ear canal and see if there is anything obvious there like redness, discharge etc. if there is the cat will definitely need antibiotics to clear it up. You haven't stated your Mum's age but if she's in receipt of benefits the RSPCA / Blue Cross / PDSA will treat the cat for a minimal fee. If when your Mum looks into the ears and can't see anything obvious but there is a slight smell, try clearing some of the black wax away with an ear bud ( DO NOT poke the ear bud inside the ear canal, you will cause terrible damage! ). When you've cleared as much as you can, tilt the cats head to one side and pour a little olive oil ( not the cooking type, the one you get from a chemist for medicinal purposes ) into the ear and massage the bottom of the ear outside of its head. This will dislodge any grass seeds or other debris from the ear and cause it too drip out. Its messy and will make its coat and anything it comes into contact with very oily but this can be cleared up with a drop of neat Fairy Liquid! If, and its a big if, the cats ears are clear, he's got toothache! That certainly cannot be treated at home and so will need a vet. Good Luck .
Your mums cat could be going deaf or might be losing his sight. I'm not an expert though, so please bring him to a vet before he gets hurt!
The best thing to do is to take him to the vets as he could have something major wrong with him.
Hope this helps
I have just had my ginger tom put to sleep, having the same symptoms as yours. He had Altziemers Disease. I couldn't beleive it when the vet told me, but animals can get this, the same as humans. My cat was 14 years old, and it was heartbreaking to have to lose him, but on the Vet's advise I had to do it.
Could be high blood pressure, this can cause blindness in cats. Must go to vets urgently

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