Friday, May 21, 2010

When can i start trimming my kittens' nails? They're about 23 days old...?

Anyone know? It's just that they're socute, i wanna pik them up all the time, but the problem is, is tat they're nails are getting quite sharp. Is it okay to start trimming their nails now? Or should we wait until they're older? Plus--should i introduce a litterbox yet? And if not now, then when?
Thanks for any and all help :D
Do not cut or trim your kittens nails. You could very easily cut a blood vessel and they could bleed to death. All kittens have sharp nails...they are cats. You can introduce the litter box any time now but show them where it's at. Make the litter box accessible so it will be easy for them to find.
If you feel that your kittens nails need attention, talk to your vet first, do not take this task on yourself.
Thanks for asking.
You can trim them at any time. Use a small finger nail trimmer and gently snip off the sharp tip. Don't cut into the pink quick and you'll be fine. They can have a litterbox (a very low pan) introduced as soon as they are walking/exploring well. Don't use scoopable litter with baby kittens as they tend to eat it and it can cause impactions.
I know exactly how you feel! But ask your vet when the "right" time is. I suggest after they are 3 months old!
Welli wold wait untilll your dog is about 3 mouths but if therer nails get longer that i would cut then and if you wanted to ask a cat/dog groomer and say when can i get my cats nails cut and maybe they will cut them for you! hope that helps!
If they are still being fed by their mother, do not start them with a litterbox; she will clean them. If they are walking around %26 eating solid food and defecating, it's time to start a litterbox. Don't get a store-bought one. Use a cardboard box cover that is a few (3) inches high. Then cut a lower spot for them to step in and out of it. Keep it not too far from their food at this point; they are too small to walk very far to it.
Introduce them to it after they eat their food. Maybe they will clean their faces first; watch them closely. Then bring them to the box, put them in it, at the "entrance." Take one paw at a time and, while gently pressing their claws out, scratch at the litter. This will give them the idea; but expect accidents because they're so young. Never punish them for an accident. Just repeat the introduction; and if you catch them in the act, simply pick them up and put them in the box. They will learn.
As far as trimming their nails, there's one thing you should know. NEVER use humans' nailclippers on them, whether big or small. They can shatter the cat's nails!! Our nails are flat, while cats' nails are rounded. There are special nailclippers for cats at all pet stores. They wrap around the cats' nails. Also be careful not to cut too much off. Stay on the white area. NEVER cut into the pink area 鈥?it is very painful to the cat %26 will cause severe bleeding.
The cats should be at least 3 to 4 months old before you trim their nails; the nails are too soft before then (even though they feel sharp). However, you need to prepare them for it now. Cats, in general, do not like having their nails trimmed or even having their paws manipulated. You can teach them to enjoy this or, at least, tolerate it patiently.
Starting now, about once a day, while you are holding one %26 stroking it, gently hold its leg %26 then its paw. While you hold the paw, simply stroke over the top part of it, where the fur is. Let it get used to that for about a week. Then start to stroke the pads %26 between the pads. If they pull away at first, don't fight them. Try again each day for short periods (minutes). After about a week, you then start to gently press a nail out, while stroking. Get them used to manipulation of their paws %26 pads as part of regular stroking and cuddling.
Once they are between 3 and 4 months, use the clippers, carefully, on just one nail for the first day. The clippers may frighten them, so doing only one nail will make the clippers "go away" fast. Just do one nail a day for their first clipping, and just focus on the front claws at first. (Still manipulate the back paws.)
They will gradually get used to it, and you should have no problems. Best of luck to you. Enjoy your kitties. I hope they have long %26 healthy lives filled with love with you.
the best idea is t take your cats to the vet to trim them at lesat for the first time as you could if your not carefull damage the cats nail or nail bed, causing infection and a large amount of pain. better to be safe than sorry

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