Friday, May 21, 2010

When did you stop believing in cats?

I never did believe in them. Shady bastards.
I've never been a believer.
Cats rule!
UH. What???? Whats your problem, maybe you should start beliving in other things! AND CATS ROCK!
nevah evah
What are you talking about?
When they stopped believing in me.
never did never will
Believing in cats? Just what are you referring too? I can see if you said fairies or Santa Claus, but cats?
I'll never stop believing in cats!
i was raised afelinist, so i never have
Never..I love 'em!
I have really never been a believer in Cats. I am Cataphobic.
I was born an atheist to the cat religion. I refuse to believe they actually exist because they are such insolent creatures.

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