Monday, May 24, 2010

Wht names do u thnk r better?

My cat gv brth 2 3 kittens!.2 r grls nd 1 is a boy.wht do u thnk I shud nm thm??
This site has you choose the type of name and the gender. If you choose my answer please tell me what name you choose.
I hope this helps you.
sidney, lilly, maggie, marley, jimmy... but PLEASE get them fixed b4 they go to there new home!
well think of a movie you like or a tv show perhaps!
i like the names alexandria, star, skye, skylar, melody, zelda, etc.
Kathie,Katie,Taffy.Or maybe Ginger,Whiskers,George,Gypsi,
The second list is my friends cats names.
For the two girls name them Chrissy and Janet and name the male Jack! You know like three's company show!
Lily, Lucy, and Lucky
Shadrack, Meshack, and Abendigo!
Febe, Chandler (boy or girl), Joey
Check out Top 30 Pet names!
Well what do they look like ? What are ur fav.names? we can give u a million .MY current cats sam ,martha ,merri-charles, %26 soxs~~~~
do get them fixed asap or every few months you'll be asking this question/
Have Fun Name %26 Claim them
all of my past, and current animal's names are...

Psycho *she's super dumb, don't ask*
Truffle * R.I.P. 8/31/94 to 4/22/07 Love U always*
Grandma's pets Other Grandma's Pets

Brandy * R.I.P* Just Plain Bill * R.I.P.*
Lizzie Chelsea * R.I.P.*
Well watch their temperment and see if anything pops into your head. Or if your not going to keep them it may make it less hard to give them away if you give them names based on their appearence. blackie stripey tall short skinny etc.
Most of my cats have ended up with odd names based on personality quirks. Ninja acted like a Ninja, tubsy was a fat cat who loved to lay in the tub, Charlie after Charlie sheen who lets face it is a dog (as most men are) turkish based on his eye color. A name is best picked from your own heart.
The best advice I can give on naming pets is to sit down, and look up a baby name web site, go through that for a while, writing down the names that stick out to you. Once you are bored with that, take the list to your new pet and narrow it down to the ones that you think suit him/her best.

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