Friday, May 21, 2010

When you got your cat, did you have a name already picked out?

Or did you wait to see their personality first? That's what I did with my Phantom.
I had my cat for two days before I named my cat. My friend named her Turbo because she is really fast and then I came up with the name Smokey because she is all gray and I put them together and her name is Smokey Turbo.
Personality first, then name.
I picked a name based on how they looked, but I like the idea of waiting until you know their personality better. Phantom--good name!
My cat already had a name, I wanted to change it, but his name he had really suits him best. His name is Hershey, he can be sweet or bitter, LOL
Neither. I didn't pick out a name in advance, but didn't wait either. When I found her, I just named her on the spot. She's tortoiseshell (black and brown/orange speckles) that looks like I called her Pepper.
No I didn't. I couldn't think of a name for him. Then one night I had a dream and it told me to call him chocolate. I couldn't call him that so I made him Cocoa. He answered to it right away. The other names I had tried he ignored. So my dream was a sign from something or someone. Maybe my last cat that I had to have put to sleep. May she rest in peace.
When I first saw my cats at the Humane Society I gave them names before I took them home - Koko and Roxy. I do have a name picked out for the dog I plan on getting in the future - a black and white Jack Russell Terrier who will be named Elvis.
No,I always choose it when I already see the kitty ;] For example,if you name a cat Cougar,and she's the sweetes thing in the world,not wild at all,and she'd better be Sugar,or other way :) My current cat's name is Puke Gelyte Azuoline Mergaite when she's good,and Murka Kvietka Malka when she's naugthy xD
I usually wait to see their personality first then decide on a name.
i thought of names to choose but i decided on trixie before i got her.
no i waited till i met both of them. you have to look at them right? to see what fits. for example, i named my cat bowie after david bowie because she has one green eye and one blue eye like him.
No I didn't. I waited until I got to know them. Turns out, they fit their names perfectly! However, I named my male cat Romeo since he is such a charmer but I have a nickname for him. It was derived from babies."bebez." He loves it and unfortunately...I've used it so much that its all he really answers to. My female cat I named Cali. She is very responsive to that name. I think she likes it! I named her that because I really like the song "Going back to Cali." And I've always wanted to visit CA.
Why not Romeo and Juliet? They are brother and sister! LOL!
I waited to see what their personality was.
Monster, had these large paws as a kitten now he'll answer to Big Guy or Moosh
Ninja, all black, sleek, male
Molly, all black female She's a real doll
Oscar was found in a trash can ( Oscar the Grouch )
Fuzz she's a long haired fuzzy cat
I wanted to see the personality. Like my first cat is named Shadow because he follows me all over the place and my new cat is named Skittles because you never know which color your going to get.
Mainly personality for us, plays a large factor. Also whatever seems to suite them works fine as well.
pay attention to their personality and how they look first before you give it a name.
I named Marina before I got her based on her eyes being aqua blue (Marina), parents' names (her sire was Nighttail and her Dam was Cappy Jemille) and a name I couldn't leave out because I loved it so much (Keiko). Her full name is Miss Marina Night Keiko Jemille.
I named Tosca Biscotti before I got her. Tosca is just a really cool name I first heard on Meerkat Manor and I got Biscotti from an internet friend that saw her pic and said it reminded her of the biscotti she had for lunch. I thought that was cute and went well with Tosca so she is Tosca Biscotti.
Marina's breeder started calling her Marina before I got her so she responded to that pretty quickly. Tosca's breeder only had a couple of days notice on the name so she was a bit slower to take to her name. I don't think she liked it at first but now she does. And she loves her nickname, Doodledoodle.
I tried really hard to wait and see the personalities before I picked out names but I couldn't wait. I was too impatient.
Velvet's full name is Black Velvet. She was named based on her fur. I didn't name her but decided to keep her name since she was about 3 when she adopted me.
Sort of, i have names picked out for my babies, but handed them out based on the kitty. And one made up on the spot.
Big Fat Xander cat is overly needy, clingy and jealous of the other cats. Call him Xander, after a similiar character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Itty Bitty got his name because even at 5.5 months he's still super teensy. No health problems, just a tiny cat.
Isidore is a name that I've wanted for a cat and Izzy looks it. He's a long thin fierce looking kitty.
Nope. I waited til I got to know them, see what they looked like, etc. Unless I think of a really cute name I'll always wait until I get them. I do that with all my pets. Most all of my cats came to us as strays too, so I didn't expect them and wouldn't be able to pre-name them if i wanted too! btw, i like the name phantom i've always wanted a gray kitty

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