Friday, May 21, 2010

When u hjave s baby kitten should i give her/him warm ,hot or cold milk?

No dairy for a cat. Cats can't digest cows milk. What you need to get is cats milk at the pet store.
warm is fine and they dont mind cold either but be sure nto to give them 2 much.
Kittens shouldn't drink cows milk. Its kinda bad for them. Also depends on how old the kitten is. If it is less than 6 weeks old it will need to be bottle fed. If it is older than 6 weeks then it needs kitten food.
kittens and cats are lactose intolerant and too much milk makes them sick to their stomachs and gives them diarrhea. You can buy cat milk at various pet stores but not Petsmart because Petsmart is not kind to their animals - go to Petco or Pet Supplies Plus. Oh - no Petland either because they get puppies from puppy mills. If you do not believe me, do a google search - people are actively protesting Petland for this. Good luck!
No milk! They have a hard time digesting regular cow milk when they're babies but check out petsmart for special stuff to give to them if you really want. and warm
room temperature is best
Milk is not good for the cat. By "cat-milk" at the pet store, or serve the milk watered down (lots of water, little milk).
My cat only drank water, and was very healthy and energetic.
Kittens don't need milk and don't tolerate it very well. Just feed it a good quality cat food and keep water available at all times. Make sure the kitty is old enough to leave its mother before you bring it home.
Never give a kitten milk they can not process it properly. Go to a pet store and buy the canned milk specially made for kittens. They sometimes have it at Walmart. Trust me long time cat owner.
check this out.
first you cant really give a kitten or a cat milk it give the kitten diarrhia. the best thing for your kitten is water. sure the kitten like the milk but they dont know they can get diarrhia for drinking it. the room thempature is okay for a kitten to drink. the water just needs to be nice and fresh and your need to give your kitten new water everyday. if your kitten is still small its better to feed your kitten canned food with its water. and when its gets a bit biger you can start to mix you canned food with hard food like Iams prob... the best food for it. then you can start to feed your kitten only hard food (Iams is prob.. the best food for your kitten.) that way your sure to have a nicee and well feed kitten.
just dont foreget that your kitten can be sick by trinking milk and that is better of with water that only need to be the room temperture. you dont need do give him a certain thempature.
your lucky you ask this question you cauld of maid your kitten really sick
hope it works out -bye-
Neither. Most cats are lactose intolerant. Get some Catsmilk from Petsmart. Its formulated for their digestive systems.
None! Milk is bad for cats, take it to the vet immediatly to find out what kind of food to give!

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