Monday, May 24, 2010

Which pet is best to keep at home a dog or a cat and why?

I dont know whether it is a myth or not but i have heard that when dog is kept as pet ,it thinks that if any new person is born in family so he will get food from one more person as well on the contrary cat thinks if any person of family is died then it will get food of that dead person to her ,i heard.This is the basic difference between a dog and a cat . this view does not go away from my mind if i want to keep a cat as my pet since i love cats but my family members are forbidding me due to aforesaid reason. suggest me
Okay. If you are intelligent enough to use a computer you must be kidding on that whole mess you just wrote. I surely hope your family is not that. backward.
A dog is good if you want a companion to go places with you, are home enough to let it out to do it's business.. don't take a lot of trips and can afford the vet bills and food. I personally think it's cruel to leave a dog home alone more than 6 hrs unless it's small enough to use a puppy pad to "go", or has access to a safe fenced area through a doggie door.
A cat is good if you are away more but want a pet who will sit with you quietly when you are home...don't mind changing a litter box, don't mind if the furniture gets a bit scratched and can afford the vet bills and food.
I'm a cat person - but will consider a dog when I'm retired.
I have no idea where you heard that and i dont really understand it. Cats and Dogs are not people and as such do not connect birth or death of a human with getting food. I may have misunderstood what you are saying?
There are several differences between cats and dogs. Dogs are pack animals and require a firm but fair and consistent leader. They require regular exercise and obedience training.
Cats have a heirarchy but it is less defined. You dont need to take them for walks, they are more self sufficient and are clean animals.
Cats and dogs are both wonderful companions in their own special ways.
i dont know what yiou mean by the explanation to y cats are different to dogs but it sounds like a load of croc.
get a cat theyre just better, dogs suck.
But i guess that depends on what sort of pet you want, anyway cats r better!
okey-who ever told you this needs to be in a padded room so please let someone know who it is. and for you please do not tell anyone this anymore!!!! now i fell a cat is best to let stay afew day in the house by its self.the cat has a litter boxes to go in always use fresh step cat litter it keeps smell down more then any other litter. and always put a large bowl of water and cat food when you are away. now think of all the things you have to do for a dog. you have to take the dog out every few hours to use the bathroom for one .Good luck!!have a nice day!!!!!!

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