Friday, May 21, 2010

When should I stop feeding my cat kitten food?

My kitty was born in April. I have heard 2 different things (from different vets):
1 - I should feed him kitten food for a full year.
2 - I can or should switch to adult food after he's neutered. (He's getting fixed today ... poor guy).
Which if these is correct? If it's neither ... what's the right answer? Thanks.
Kitten food just has a lot more energy and a different vitamin and mineral balance that is needed to provide optimal growth during bone development etc. We usually recommend to feed kitten food up to 6 or 12 months. Cats do mature and grow fairly fast as they do reach sexual maturity usually from 4 to 6 months of age which is also when most vets recommend desexing. Some people say that when you desex your pet their body then has a lower metabolism because they are not producing hormones etc so they have a tendency to gain weight quicker, therefore they say to switch to an adult maintenance food because it has less calories. I think if your cat has reached his adult body size then it is fine to switch to kitten food, if he is still tiny you can leave him on it for a bit longer. I recommend Hills Science diet foods or Eukanuba - they are all complete and balanced and are made using better proteins and have added anti-oxidants which are better for them in the long run (help prevent kidney and bladder crystal problems etc) E-mail back if you have any other questions.
I would say a full year is fine. Just remember that when you're switching foods it's a good idea to mix the old food with the new food for a while in order to prevent stomach upset during the transition.
Well usually when the cat is like 6-8 months old. Ours is around 10 months we fed her adult food at 8 months.
# 1 is it feed hem kitten food for a full year. he should be a
foot tall by a year. anna;)
I thinks you should wait the full year before switching to cat food. so he could get the whole nutrition a kitten should get with kitten food.

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