Monday, May 24, 2010

Who had a young cat give birth ?

anyone here had a cat about 1 year old give birth to 4 or more kittens and live threw it along with all its kittens and have no problems ? and if you did have problems what were the problems ? did any of the kittens die ? did the mother die ?
My cat has had 2 litters of kittens and she is about that age. No problems at all! They were obviously in heat when they got pregnant, so that means that they are mature enough and ready. Don't worry about it! It's natural and the cats know how to take care of their babies by instinct. If you ever come across any problems you can always take your cat and her babies to a nearby vet and they can help you out.
My cat was about 9 months old when she had kittens... she had 6 of them and one did die about a day later. The mom and all the other kittens were, and still are, fine.
well, i once had a kitty named Little Meow Meow.
And she had babies when she was like 5 months old.
Yes there was a slight problem when she had her babies they had their tails a bit broken, due to her stomach being to small. But we kept one of her kittys and they were a healthy outdoor cat we had for around 3 or 4 years.
Most cat breeders say that having kittens at the age of one year is no worries
no because I'm a responciable pet owner and get my animals fixed.

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