Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can i give my cat away ?

she is old she wont get babies she had all her shots
Put an ad in the paper, post an ad on the classifieds section of, post an ad on, make up flyers with a picture of her, and post them at local vet's offices and pet supply stores.
Be sure to ask for a small adoption fee, because lots of people will collect "free to good home" cats and sell them to laboratories for experiments, or use them for bait to train pit-bulls.
Just a word of caution: It's very hard to find homes for adult cats, because kittens are free and plentiful. Be prepared that it might take a long time to find a home for her. Is there anything you can do to keep her? Giving her to an animal shelter is practically a death sentence for her, and she won't survive if abandoned outside. Why can't you keep her?
Are you moving? It really isn't all that hard to travel with a cat. I went from Alaska to Alabama with a small kitty in my lap. Are you busy and don't feel you have the time for her? Trust me, an older cat is pretty content lying around the house all day. She doesn't need constant stimulation to be happy.
Hope this helps.
Put an ad in the paper, take a picture and send it on on a myspace bulletin, or put a picture on facebook's marketplace.
Someone in your area will take the cat. Please don't let her out on the street!
Buy a classified ad in various news papers. Try craigslist.
If you absolutely cannot find a home for her, tak her to the humane society or another animal shelter.
why are you giving her away? maybe you should make that clear in your question first.
You could make flyers and put them up in the local grocery store, or on telephone poles. It would be cheaper than buying an ad in the paper. You should also see if any of your friends or co-workers are interested in adopting the cat.
If its been in your family long time respect that untill the cats time comes.. Humane society will put it to sleep Just FYI. It may be pain in the A S S But it's your cat man. If you decide to keep it and care for just imagine how you are gonna feel when IT DIES and you are forced into parting with it after growing to love it.. And you know it's never gonna be seen again except memory and pictures...
Why do you want to give her away? Dont you love her anymore?
If you really cant stand her or keep her, place adds on internet or in newspapers to find another home for her. Ask your neighbours also. Do not take her to shelters or RSPCA/ASPCA they will kill ( euthanise) her! In no kill shelters she will become sick because of the other sick cats and very sad, staying all day in a cage.
Also try to find a rescue in your area. Rescues will not euthanize the animals. They are committed to finding a good home and are generally very picky. Be prepared to keep the cat until they find a home though, as most of these organizations work on a foster home basis and do not have a facility where they keep the cats. A shelter is almost always a death sentence, as there are already way too many unwanted cats. If she is very old, the most humane thing to do would be to go to your vet and have her put down. Senior cats almost never find homes (7 yrs or older). I know that's something you might not want to hear, but is the best solution for the cat in these cases.
If your cat is old it will be hard to give it away (both on you and the cat). If you have to give it away because of health reasons then the humane society will put the cat down because they have a lot of animals and don't have the space to keep a sickly pet around. If your cat is healthy on the other hand you can try posting an ad on craigslist, and in many grocery stores and libraries there are public bullitans that you can post an ad as well. If your cat is sickly though you should take them to the vet and see if they are in misery. Sometimes it's best as a pet owner to put your pet down if they have lost control of their own bodily functions, your vet can go over your options with you. Good luck.
select your state
then town
then post.
its easy
i got rid of three kittens
in 7 hours.

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