Friday, May 21, 2010

When is a kitty ready for cat food?

We're not sure how old our kitty is, how long do you usually just feed it kitty food?
You can feed her kitten food up to 2 years old. My experience (numerous rescue kitties) and my vet's advice is to continue to feed them kitten food up to 15-16 months.
Kitten food is specially formulated with an important amount of protein and nutrients that help her grown into a healthy adult cat.
When in doubt ask your vet. You can also go to Purina on-line and write to one of their on-line vets for advice. Or surf their archives to see if you can find the answer to your question.
Remember when you do switch food to do it slowly. Mix a small quantity in with her kitty food. Sudden changes in food can make kitty sick and delay her change over to adult food. Especially if she builds an association against it. Cats are superstitious creatures.
Usually until they are a year old, or if the kitty is really skinny you want to feed it kitten food until it fattens up.
A kitten becomes a cat when it is 1 so I think you should give your cat cat food when it is 1 years old.
Once a cat is one year old, it's developed enough to digest adult cat food.
If you aren't sure how old your kitty is the VET could tell you. This first year (12 months) it's important to feed your kitten kitty food. Don't buy the cheap stuff. Go to the local pet store. They have healthy food for kittens. It's important they have water available for them at all time. Good luck!
What I heard from Purina is that kittens can start eating kitten food at the age of one year old.

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