Monday, May 24, 2010

Who's cat likes ice-cream?

My cat loves Mr Whippy ice-cream. Other day i was sat in my armchair eating a 99 flake ice-cream when i felt this tugging. My cat was digging her paws in my ice-cream and feeding her face! Looked so cute.
Any of you got cats that do funny thibngs like that?
I don't encourage my cat to eat people food, but yeah she's interested in ice cream. I've had to defend my dish a few times when she was getting a little too close. She also drank right out of a glass of milk once (but didn't get much before we yelled and she ran). She's sneaky.
She's the worst about glasses of water, though. I can't leave any water unattended or she'll dip her paws in and slosh the water out. There's been a few times I've gone to take a drink and seen dirt and hair floating in my glass. And when she gets her paw gets wet, she shakes it off and sends water flying everywhere.
Your cat eating out of her paw IS very funny, though. I don't think my cat would sink her paw into any food like that (except water). But she does chew/lick her paws when she's cleaning and I think it's cutest thing. I say "Ginger, don't eat your feet!"
Garfield does,,we all know that
Just so you know, cats can't digest cows milk.
A little won't hurt her, though.
my cat loves tomato soup and lager,he's slurrped both.then come back for more.
My cat loves mint chocolate chip ice cream, but we try to keep him away from that!
One of my cats does. I've caught her licking the empty bowl after I put it in the sink. The other one could care less and won't touch it.
I knew a cat once that liked milkshakes. Vanilla especially :):):)
My cat likes icecream and crisps
Mine steals toffee fudge ice cream if I leave a bit in my bowl. He gets it all over his whiskers and then goes mad trying to clean himself! LOL It's only ever toffee fudge though. No other kind will do. He eats ready salted crisps too. No other flavour.
My 20 pound male cat named Jake likes to lick the bowl of ice cream and he enjoys licking popsicle sticks. He enjoys yogurt to. Yogurt is good for cats to. Only a spoonful but it is still good for them. My cat licks out yogurt containers.
Why is that funny?
It's ice cream... cats will be all over you for it.
I have never met a cat that didn't like ice-cream!!
Your Cat may love ice-cream (most do) but it may not be a good thing to give her. Most cats are Lactose intolerant and ice-cream made with cows milk can make them ill. None of my cats and I've had many over 50 years have ever been able to tolerate milk! They always get diarrhoea!
Cats and dogs also like chocolate but that can kill them and after losing a dog who ate the chocolate off a christmas tree 20 years ago we've always made sure they can't get it.
One thing my cat does do though which looks really cute is use her paws to feed herself chicken. She daintily picks it out of her bowl and if she drops it picks it up and eats it off her paw. She doesn't do it with any other meat!
We have four cats, and they all love ice cream. I only let them have a little bit, but they devour it. I usually give them some of my vanilla milkshake, too. The baby of the group, Ruby, will eat anything she can get to.
Stewart is very lazy... Sometimes he lays next to his food bowl and uses his paw to pull morsels of food out so he can eat them.
Hank loves Pringles, and he'll use his paw to look to see if there are actually chips in the container, and if so, he pulls it over and helps himself to one.
Jessie just gives Daddy the "eyes" and she instantly gets a bowl of milk. He's a sucker.
All in all they are very spoiled, very loved cats..
Your Cat will get Diarrhea.
my cat is fussing and dont like it that much
my dog does. if we have one he had to have one as well
My furry friend likes a tiny bit of ice cream when I have it, though I am careful not to give him too much. Cow's milk (the kind bought from a store not FRESH from their udder) is not good for them. He also LOVES the Hostess raspberry filled donuts (which are SERIOUSLY bad for him)! I give him those about once a year! We discovered this one day while I was munching on them. The furry one (a kitten freshly brought home) reached around me from the arm of the couch to swipe the donut out of my hand. He then proceeded to drop it on the floor, kill it with extreme prejudice, and eat everything but the powder left on the floor. I was laughing so hard I didn't have the breath to scold him!
Sugar is actually poisonous to cats and dogs. They'll either get really sick or die or both. I know some cats seem to like ice cream or w.e but you really shouldn't feed stuff like ice cream, chocolate, or candy to them if you really care about your pet's well being.
Quote: It鈥檚 a fairly well known fact that chocolate %26 Tylenol is toxic to cats, but here鈥檚 a list of common foods and household items that you may not have known are harmful to kitties:
* Canned tuna in excessive amounts (*Read note below)
* Onions
* Garlic
* Alcohol
* Salt in large amounts
* Mushrooms
* Macademia Nuts
* Aspirin or Acetaminophen (or any human medication unless expressly cleared by your veterinarian)
* Coffee grounds, beans %26 tea (caffeine)
* Pear pips, the kernels of plums, peaches and apricots, apple cores
* Potato peelings and green looking potatoes
* Moldy/spoiled foods
* Yeast dough
* Potato, rhubarb, and tomato leaves; potato and tomato stems
* Broccoli (in large amounts)
* Raisins and grapes
* Cigarettes, tobacco, cigars
* Milk %26 Dairy Products(most cats are lactose intolerant)
* citrus extract/oils
* Antifreeze %26 Ice Melt
* insecticides, herbicides, fertilizer
* liquid potpourri
Mine! My 16 year old pensioner boy, Nimbus, loves vanilla. He also loves yoghurt (soya based, not dairy!!) and often gets the lid to lick to death, round and round the living room...
my 2 yr old cat loves cheese and onion crisps shes only got to sniff them and shes all over u
yeah they also like cheese,i give my cats cow milk and they are fine.
My 6 month old kitten loves vanilla flavour.
I've had several cats who loved icecream. They also liked fresh fruit.


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