Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can i find a teacup kitten under $400?

i really want one for my birthday.but first i have to find a good price
First of all, there is no such thing as a teacup kitten. Any one claiming to have one is trying to use a gimic to get you to pay more for their kittens. In other words, they are ripping you off.
Stay away from breeders claiming to have teacup animals. They are not being responsible breeders and their animals often suffer from serious health problems for being poorly bred.
If you want a purebred cat, research cat breeds and find one that you like. Then find a good breeder. Here's a link on how to tell a good breeder from a bad one
An even better idea is to go to your local shelter an adopt a kitten. If you want a small cat, the only way to get one is to adopt an adult that is fully grown. There is no way to tell how big a kitten will get for sure. should have some kittens for you.
What the heck is a "teacup kitten"? If this something that "breeders" are creating I highly advise against getting one. Get a cat from a shelter where you're assured that it's healthy, tested for diseases and not some genetic nightmare!
As far as I know, there is no such thing as a teacup kitten. However, I have noticed that tortoishell cats tend to be kinda small. Mine is full grown and only weighs 4 lbs.
Are you serious?
There is no such thing as a "teacup" anything let alone a "teacup" kitten.
Get a cute kitten from the pound for just a few dollars and save a life.
I dont think theres such a thing. Go to the shelter. Theyl have samll cats. Or you can get a kitten of a samll breed. Good Luck! Or go to

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