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Which kitten food is better iams or meow mix?or any other good kitten foods?

Neither are good.
Some good brands are Wellness, Californias Natural, and Innova. You want a food where the main ingredient is a meat, not MEAT, but like chicken, beef, turkey. You want very little grains, and NO meat-by-products. Read the lables.
I forgot to add that I feed wet food, not dry, so again, you want to look for a meat as the main ingedient, not a meat meal. Looking at a can of Wellness Beef and Chicken, the main ingredients are listed in the following order: Beef, Chicken Liver, Chicken, Chicken Broth. Wellness is grain free and contains no preservatives or artifical flavors.
For my cats, wet is best. They are at a healthy weight, and no longer sleep as much or beg for water anymore. Even when they had a constant supply of water, on a low quality dry diet, they wanted every drop of water in the world.
I feed 2 wet meals a day (12 hours apart) to my two cats, they split a 5.5 oz can at each meal, and they get a small handful of Wellness dry food as a mid-day snack.
I buy Purina Kitten Chow, I am going to do it
untill she is six months old. Then I am going
to swithch her to Purina Indoor Cat Chow.
You should try that, or you could also buy,
Purina Outdoor Formula for your outdoor
Hope I Helped!!
Meow mix is better then iams. Other good foods are purina. They have a naturals, indoor cat food in a green bag,Nutro for cats dry is good also.
cats are very picky though. Like my 2 cats they are very picky. they like some foods better then others.
Their favorite wet food is Friskies.
Iams test their products on domestic animals in cruel conditions. For example, to test whether their dental health blend is beneficial, they surgically cut away the gums of healthy animals, then study how well (or not) their product impacts on the injuries. I would not consider buying any products from a company that does this, pet food or otherwise.
Of those two, Iams is. However, they're both full of fillers and by-products for the most part, and not anything I would recommend feeding. The best, decently cheap dry foods are Nutro, Wellness, and Natural Balance. Some more high-quality foods - and the foods I recommend - are Felidae, Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, and Innova.
You want the first ingredients to be meal (ie, chicken meal, lamb meal), not meats (ie, chicken), as meats are primarily moisture, and therefore are reduced up to 2/3rds after processing, making the food grain-based rather than meat-based (cats are carnivores, they do not need grains). Meals, on the other hands, are primarily dry, and don't decrease as drastically after processing, leaving the food truly meat-based.
You also don't want a food that contains fillers (such as corn), by-products, or non-specific meat sources (ie, meat meal). Preservatives such as BHT, BHA, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate are also best to avoid. :-)
MJF said exactly what I was going to say.. IAMS participates in cruel animal testing.. My cat loves California Natural, Evolve, Innova and Merrick.
Cats are one of the only strictly meat eating animals. They need a 100% meat diet so it is wise to get a very good quality food that says it is mostly if not all meat. Innove Evo is one of the best because it doesn't even have garlic and garlic according to the National ASPCA Poison Control Center is poisonous to cats. Another very good one is Natural Balance Venison and Pea formula because it has no preservatives or extra additives. WySong products are also good ones to try and California Natural is made by the Innova people but I think that one has garlic in it so I wouldn't use any with garlic. Why take the chance on eventually harming your cat if it gets enough garlic in it to be lethal. When dealing with cat food, you want to mimic the closest to natural and living in the wild as you can so using moist instead of dry is even better for your feline. They wouldn't be hunting dry kibbles in the wild. If you must do dry, they I suggest you put a meat broth (homemade style) on it so that they get enough moisture intake from their food. Cats that live on dry get medical problems a lot quicker due to the fact that they are not getting the moisture in their systems as they should. Also, if you do use dry kibbles, switch to a drinking fountain water dish for your cats, following the manufactures suggestions for keeping it healthy. Cats will drink from a running stream before they will drink from a stagnet pool in the wild and domestic cats are no different so they will drink more water from the fountain to help get their moisture. Most of the really healthy foods out here go by the weight of the animal so you do not need kitten chow, you feed according to weight of the cat. And, kittens are allowed free food choice until they are a year old. In other words, they can have all that they want during their growing up years. Sometimes the vet will start portioning it at or around 9 months if the cat is well in their adult range of weight.
Iams is over priced. Purina is good. the company has spent millions over the years developing the formulas for their different blends. Meow mix and Friskies are also good. For the first 6 months at least get a kitten mix. It will have all the vitamins and minerals a young cat needs.
I have always used Science Diet to feed my cats and they are very healthy. Your cat's health is worth it! Better food helps them to avoid liver, kidney and other health problems down the road.
Science Diet Kitten Formula and Wellness are the best kitten foods I know of, and I know of A LOT of different kitten foods!
Well it doesn't matter what is better. It's what your cat likes. What you might think is better he might not like it. Try feeding him different kinds of food until you find out what he likes. 鈾?
Well, health %26 growth-wise, Iams is the best. Now, whether your kitten will eat it or not is another question. If you start them right out on Iams or Science Diet, the kitten WILL eat it because he/she can't miss something she/he's never had--such as Meow Mix, Friskies, Fancy Feast, etc. Read the package labels. Cats are carnivores, and the MEAT--chicken, beef, lamb, whatever MUST be the FIRST item on the list of ingredients. Many of the cheaper brands will list "chicken by-products" as the first ingredient--don't use these. The by-products are mostly fat and don't contain the protein necessary for a growing kitten. They also use a lot of "fillers" such as cornmeal, etc. These are low-quality products for cats. Although they are fine for dogs. Now, if this is your first kitten--then you may need some further feeding advice. Do NOT give a kitten/any cat MILK (the kind that humans drink, including evaporated milk), or any type of milk-based product--cheese, yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese, etc. Most cats are lactose intolerant, and not only will milk products give cats a belly ache, it also gives them diahreah. Also--NO people TUNA! It is way too high in magnesium, mercury and sodium and is NOT good for a cat. And, NEVER, NEVER give a cat chocolate--you could kill your kitty. But, if you can get your kitten to eat Iams or Science Diet--these 2 are your very best bets. Now, if your kitten LIKES Meow Mix, there's nothing wrong with using a few of the dry pieces for "treats". Mine happens to like Tender Vittles as treats--but not in his food dish. So, it's OK to get a couple of the small boxes/bags of different things such as Meow Mix, Tender Vittles, etc., but dole them out VERY sparingly, and do NOT leave him a dish of this stuff out to eat at will or you'll find your kitten "piging-out" on the treats and not eating what's good for him/her.
Both are substandard.
You don't need to give your kitten "kitten" food. It's nothing more than marketing hype.
Choose a good quality canned food, and your kitten will thrive!
Iams does Animal Testing, so naturally Meow Mix is better. Purina and Pedigree also do animal testing. Meow Mix or Special Kitty are much better and healthier. My cat prefers the Turkey flavored Meow Mix. Hope this helped!!

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