Monday, May 24, 2010

Which kind of cat is more better for a townhouse or apartment?

You should absolutely look into adopting a Ragdoll baby!! I have just done a lot of research to find the type of kitten to suit our family and I had one of the same reasons as you! I wanted something that wouldn’t hurt all our beautiful wildlife, an indoor cat, and one that would withstand my 4 year olds constant need to play with her lol!! So after looking into a lot of breeds we chose the Ragdoll and fell in love! Here is some info on the Ragdoll I just got off a website but if you look at any breeders websites in your town/city you will get heaps of information!
Ragdoll owners will tell you that they are completely captivated by their Ragdolls'
sweet, loving, layback temperament.
That they will absolutely steal you heart away, and completely infatuate you.
They are perfect companions for the elderly as well as singles and families, they
get along, introduced correctly, with almost anyone and anything.
They are very well suited to small apartments, townhouses, etc as they are totally
INDOOR cats and are perfectly happy to lie around enjoying the luxury and safety
of your and their own home.
They are very much a people cat, wanting to be with you wherever you go, watching
everything you do. (a bit like a puppy dog).
I say to people, If you do not want a cat that absolutely adores you, follows you
everywhere, is under your feet all the time, sleeps on your bed, lies on your paper
work on the computer desk while you are trying to work, to get your attention, waits
outside the shower door for you to finish, wants to know everything that is going on,
Your Ragdoll will even want to take you to the bathroom! Mine do. LOL
Ragdolls are strictly INDOOR cats that love and depend upon their owners for their
safety, as they do not have a defensive nature, and are unable to protect themselves
against the outside world and all of its dangers.
In return for you supplying them with a warm, caring and safe home, they will give
YOU, their owners, an endless supply of love and affection.
Your life will be filled with a special warmth because of their presence.
Good luck choosing your new baby, as long as you have heaps of toys, scratching post and time to spend with you cat most breeds will be ok indoors, Ragdolls are just made for it though! If you do go with the ragdoll, make sure you look around a lot, and be prepared to wait as they are a popular breed (I waited 10 weeks cause I was lucky and found someone who just had babies so I didn’t have to go on a waiting list) there are some people out there that just want to make money, be sure to trust who you get your kitten from and make sure they are raised to have the amazing Ragdoll temperament!
“Ragdolls are big docile cats that get their name because they just flop when picked up. It is very rare that a Ragdoll will show its claws and for this reason they are strictly INDOOR cats as they will not defend themselves!!”
This is so true, my kitten just flops like a baby when I pick her up and she lets my son carry her around the house ALL day long!! Most other cats would have had enough of my 4 year old after the 1st 5 minutes lol. She is so cute (as all kittens are) and has the most beautiful big blue eyes!! Ragdolls eyes stay blue. She has the loveliest personality and as soon as I walk into a room she starts to purr she is always on my lap wanting some love and giving it back in return :)
An older cat at least 4 years old. They have mellowed out more, you will be able to judge it's personality much easier. I find fixed males are more laid back. A kitten can be hyper and if you live above someone the running around will drive your neighbors nuts. Petsmart is a good place to adopt because they usually can tell you something about the cats demeanor.
as persians are a fairly sedate breed of cat they are purrrfect (i couldn't help myself) for an apartment or townhouse..or maybe a ragdoll ,they're even lazier
i have a ragdoll mixed with snow shoe and he's relaxed
Any cat will do well in an apartment or townhouse. Cats have no need to ever be outside and will adjust nicely to new living arrangements. It just takes a few days. Just give kitty time to adjust. Make sure escape routes are blocked until kitty learns to enjoy his/her new home. Please consider adoption from a shelter giving some nice cat a second chance at living over paying a breeder. It won't cost half as much.
A legless cat is best of all - or should I say bestest of all?
well I would get a Siamese they live the longest are the most playful and prettiest of all breeds and there more like baby's than cats
maine coons make great house cats (plus they are very sweet)

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