Monday, May 24, 2010

Who likes cats?

I do. I've always had cats. My parents have two at the moment. I wish I could have one (or two), but I live on a very busy road..
I have several disabled cats who have to remain indoors for their own safety. One is deaf, another has only one eye and very limited sight.
So they are housecats and seem very happy with this, and i know a lot of other people with housecats who have no problems either.
With the problems of heavy traffic, as well as those of yobs who delibrately catch pets for their own sick entertainment it is becoming much more common for people to keep their cats indoors.
So long as they have things to entertain them this is not cruel in any way.
If you love cats, I would say go for it and get one, or even two so they keep each other entertained.
But please go to your local animal rescue and not a shop.
I love cats!
You could just keep indoor cats. They usually live longer than outdoor cats.
so get a cat and keep it indoors...both of my cats have always lived indoors and they are both very happy
cats are not that stupid but do get run over just like us
p.s do like cats
Not me, I'm very wary of most cats. If it's obvious that they want to be friendly, then fine I'll be friendly too, Kittens are gorgeous. But so many cats glower and hiss.
I have 2 Norwegian Forest cats called Merlin and Delphi. Brother and sister, 4 years old next month.
I also have 3 dogs which they get on well with.
Cats rule!
I have three and i love them.
Me too. Thats why I have an invisible cat - and it doesnt eat much. I always stop to pat any cats I meet in my travels. If you just say hello, they will probably answer back.
i love kittens
proud owner of four
so keep them indoors with a of all possible worlds...
I love cats and any other animal.
We have a grey tabby cat at the moment called Albert (we didn't name him) he was adopted. He is gorgeous (asleep and snoring next to me at the moment) he may be a little bit thick but he is a character. He chose to live with us, not vise versa.
Before Albert we had two sister cats called 'Porgy and Bess'
Love them! I currently have 4 and they are all very special to me.
Love em - I've got 3 and they're all mad!
Cats stay inside. You shouldn't be too worried about the cats getting hit by a car unless you give the cat a chance to wonder off on its own outside. Most people have cats inside, so it wouldn't matter if you live on a very busy road. Make sure they go outside with your supervision.
I love all animals.
I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 3 snakes.
One of the cats is sitting on the desk in front of me as I type this.
omg i love cats but my stinkin parents won't let me have one bc they had a bad experience with one, but i told them not all cats are so destructive
i think you can still get a cat even if you live on a busy friend has a lot of cats and she lives on one of the busiest roads in our far NONE of her cats have died from getting hit...if you still don't feel safe with a cat on a busy road you should try an indoor cat
I have three awesome cats that like to go out in my fenced backyard but I'd never let them outside anywhere else. Most of the time they are very happy indoors so if you want a cat, get a cat but keep it inside. It isn't that difficult to take care of them and you will have much more peace of mind in knowing that the bad outside stuff isn't getting them.
I love cats. My husband doesn't like them - but then he doesn't like very much - Victor Meldrew (the original).
I am sad for you, but a wise move. I too have always loved cats. I have one right now, she is 12 years old and plays fetch even though my dog wont. She is odd, but then again she is mine!!!!!
As you live on a busy road, I wish you had 100 of them!!
Only kidding, we have 2, but they are great fun.
Long live cats.
The little bastard's
not me i prefer dogs
I love cats. I should, I have three. And they're all mine.
i hate cats as my gran would say they are like 'imps from hell'!!
Why would living on a busy road stop you from having cats? Surely you wouldn't be so cruel as to throw them outdoors to play in the traffic? If you like cats then get a cat or two, but keep it safe and away from the perils of cars. Indoor cats are safest and not only avoid RTAs but also a host of nasty diseases.
Love love love them. I have four. We rescued a pregnant stray and she gave us three beautiful kittens. They are indoor cats with an outdoor enclosure.
I love cats too! I have 3 - 1 older cat and 2 kittens.
I love them. =^^=
Do you own your own place if so you could fence in your yard and have one or two cats than. My aunt has done that with her home and the fence is down low so they can't get under it and pretty darn high too so they can't go over it.with that said her newest cat Nemo well she call's him Nemo demo at times.he figured how to climb on the top of the fence it's pretty darn high up and it started raining really hard while he was walking about so he looks on both sides and they are high up and she is hoping he thinks that the rain was a punishment to not do it again lol...he is safely on the ground. Sometimes he gets grounded %26 doesn't get to go outdoors and than he bawls alot can hear him fussing when we talk on the phone lol...
That is how my auntie does it with her three cats they are able to go out on her deck out the patio doors to enjoy the outdoors in her fenced in back yard. So that is a thought.
Also having a house cat or two isn't so bad either.I have my own cat and my teens each have their own too. I would die with out my cat. He is the best!
I have even used a harnass and leash and taken him outdoors for walks and he loves it! My parents thought it was Nutz but as a kitten is when I started so he and his sister don't mind but they do try to sneak out of the home at times too.
Where I live I am not able to fence in a back yard but I did one night go to the dog park in our area and let the cats take a quick run in there with out leashes and they loved it!!
So I hope if your heart is wanting a cat and if it's possible go to your local shelter and find a family member there with fur...
You won't regret it one iota and it's wonderful to come home and be wrapped in kitty purrs and love.
Sandy's human being.aka Laura =^^=
My friend lives on a VERY busy road in the middle of town and she has 5 cats - they are all house cats and never go outside.
I live in a quiet residential area and my cat is very, very old, rather deaf - and out at the moment.

Edit: She's back in now and snoring on the sofa - you gotta love 'em, don't ya?

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