Monday, May 24, 2010

Why are animals like cats kept as pets?

Are they not meant to live like other animals in the wild?
This is just for school.
Originally, cats were domesticated (tamed and brought in as pets) because the ancient Egyptians discovered that they were the ideal guards for grain. Grain was (and still is) a valuable item in the desert climate if the middle east, and people suffered from famines, so they stored lots of grain in case they had a bad year. However, mice and rats thought this was a great treat. People needed a way to keep them from eating and peeing and pooping in the grains, so people could eat the grain. Cats were perfect, as they ate (and kept away) the rodents, but cats are pure carnivores (eat only meat) and so they weren't interested in eating the grain themselves at all. From there, they were revered as gods, and people felt important keeping them as pets, and they have always been kept around by humans as pets since then. There are little wild cats in Africa that are thought to be what the early, untamed cats we now keep as pets must have been like.
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if they have a good owner then they might have a better life
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Pet cats, like dogs, are domesticated by thousands of years of selective breeding. Most of them would have a very hard time surviving in the wild and require at least some degree of attention from their owners.
cats have been domesticated for the longest time...however (in my own opinion) I believe they can turn undomesticated if forced to.. (IM NOT SAYING THIS IS A GOOD IDEA THO!)
they have been domesticated so they can live in our homes as pets.
Pet cats actual names are Domestic cats (they are in a group of animals called Domestic along with dogs, hamsters, pigs etc.) If you put them in the wild they would probably not be able to survive (if they have lived with you longer than a week!) You here about street cats and stray cats etc. who live on the street, they don't have a good life. If cats were meant to be in the wild then we wouldn't have the Rescue centres all around the world rescueing them and finding them homes to be PETS. And for the animals that are meant to be in the wild like Tigers, we have wildlife organisations around the world, keeping them from being captured for zoos and other entertainment purposes.
I don't know the answer to this one, but what I do know is that I feel honored to have the luxury and privilege to be owned by 3 beautiful cats. That was NOT a typo, really cats own us we don't own them! =O) Have you ever noticed that? I love my babies!!

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