Monday, May 24, 2010

Who has a water fountain for their cats?

I want to get the girls a fountain, mainly because Flexo comes running every time I turn water on (no matter where she is or what she is doing!). Anyway, I am having trouble deciding because all the reviews that I have read (on the 3 main fountains out there) basically say that cats love them but they are a pain to maintain. Any advice or preferences for a certain fountain?
I use the Catit bubble fountain for my cats. They love it because the water runs around the whole outside of the plastic bubble. There is going to be maintenance involved with any of them. I also used a Fresh Flow one until it finally died after 6 years of use. The catit is easier to clean in my opinion, and holds more water than the fresh flow. Both are good, but either one has to be cleaned about once a week, up to once every two weeks. Harder water requires more frequent cleaning. Hope this helps a little.
I have one for mine and they love it - I got it at goodwill tho %26lt;g> Nice and cheap and still works like a charm. Mine love running water and it's a darn site cheaper to have it running this way than to leave a faucet running all the time. I haven't had a bit of trouble maintaining mine. I clean it once a week and fill it up between times. My son has a different brand - they both work the same so I see no reason to differentiate by brand - find one you like and go for it! I think your kitties will love you for it!!
i think that if it is for the better of ur cat it would be worth it to have to maintain it. i would go for it because cats hate still water. they like fresh flowing water
no one has a water fountain for their cats only speacial needs cats use fountains, so dont waste your money if u really want a fountain, buy a hampster they will drink from it
i'm thinking of getting onefor my 3, they always have fresh water but love to sip from the taps as far as i know a fountain is easy to maintain it's just a case of making sure it's cleaned regular and the filter is changed as often as should be....
i have my eye one one just now (can't remember the brand but one of the main ones) just make sure whatever you get the filters are easy to find
well my cat hates water, but if she did I really wouldn't spend the money on a fountain when she could just go in the bath tub!!!
I had a fountain for my 3 cats. It was a $70 fountain with a reserve tank for extra water. My eldest cat loves playing with water and everyday she completely destroyed the water fountain by knocking over the reserve tank. I had to fix the fountain every day which made it very difficult for me to maintain. It also made it hard for me to go on vacation, because I never knew if they would have enough water available to them. So if your cat likes to play with water or you dont have alot of patience, then dont get one.
I have a pretty basic model, the 50oz "Deluxe Petmate Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain" and I got it at Petco for about $40. With more than one cat you might want to get the larger model. I refill the reservoir once a day and I have one cat. I clean it whenever it looks dirty, which isn't more than once a week. Maybe once a month (at most) I have to take it apart and clean the pump intake because it gets clogged with cat hair and other crud that falls into the bowl. The fountain is normally VERY quiet, but it's gets noisy when the pump is clogged, so it's quite obvious when it needs to be done. I'm not sure what the norm is for replacing the filters...maybe once every two months to be safe, maybe longer (the instructions don't actually say anything about that). The replacement filters are pretty cheap I think.
I love having it and so does my cat. She played and splashed in it a little when it was new, but she got used to it and now just drinks from it whenever she needs to. It's much better than a stagnant bowl of water.
I have one called Catit. It's really good, has a dome and a little water dish part. My cat loves it. It's not that hard to maintain at all. I wash it once a week with a paper towel/cloth, rinse the filter etc. It's really simple. And my cat hasn't been to the sink since ;) there's also an "economy" version for about $10 less that doesn't have the "dish" part but the cats can drink from the dome directly and it takes up less space. Beware though as it can be a little noisy. So it's ok in the living room but probably not a bedroom.
We have a drinkwell fountain, and my kitty loves it! We even take it with us on vacation.
It was money very well spent :)
My cats love those fountains but yes they are a pain in the @ss to clean. My solution was to have an extra one, clean sitting on the shelf. When it was time to clean the one in operation I could take my time because I had a replacement waiting in the wings.
That is what I recommend.
I got my waterer and feeder from I got the medium sized ones and it works great for my cat. The water one has a filter and a 3 gallon water reserve. the water actually in the dish is constantly circulated and filtered. Kitty loves it and it's fairly easy to maintain. Plus you don't have to worry about refilling it so often.

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