Friday, May 21, 2010

When to get a kitten spade?

We have a kitten who we think is around 6months old and she has just recently started calling (or so we think, she is a lot less agressive than normal and is rubbing around everything and meowing a lot while laying on the floor). Would you say that this is typical behaviour of a kitten who is calling? And when is the best time to get her spade if she is? We have been advised by a relative to wait until she is not calling to get her done because if you get them done when they are calling they tend to stay in this behaviour pattern, but given the fact that she is a lot calmer and generally a nicer cat when she is calling should we get her spade now or wait until she is no longer calling as advised? So confused! Help!
In the UK, cats are neutered from 6 months old. (the second answer is likely to come from the US).
Should the cat be in season, it is advisable to wait a couple of months. A pre-operative visit to the vet is necessary prior to the operation. This is usually provided free of charge. Therefore I recommend you take advantage of it and ask a vet to check out your kitten and advise accordingly.
Good luck
It is "spayed" and get it done ASAP!!! They can be done as early as 8 weeks, but between 4-6 months is more the norm.
I think you can get a kitten spayed after 6 months, please speak to your vet who will be able to advise you properly.
Best to call the vet and ask them to be sure, but I dont think it makes a difference if you get her spayed during her heat.
She should be done with it in about 5-7 days. First three days are the worst, because that is the peak breeding time .
Get her a spade when she wants to dig or make sand castles .
QUICK! PLEASE GET HER DONE NOW - she might disappear or, if she doesn't find a mate she could be calling all the time she isn't pregnant It'll take a couple of days to get her booked in anyway..
Unless you want a whole house full of fluffy kittens i'd get her spayed now.
I would suggest getting her spayed anytime soon. She can be done from 6months onwards. I would wait until she has finished her signs of calling. It can be done during the season but it would make the operation a bit more complicated but not because she would continue with the behaviour.
Most vets prefer that they come in heat at least once before they spade them. Your is old enough.
6 months is the perfect time. You can wait a few days till she is not on heat if you want but be sure to keep her inside at all times. Speak to your vet and see what he says tho. Alot of vets differ in opinion on this issue so find out what your vet suggests.
6 months is the perfect age to get her spayed. Be careful that she doesn't get out of the house until she is 'done' though.
I adopted a cat who hadn't been spayed and she escaped once. Suffice to say we now have 3 kittens which she gave birth to 3 weeks ago. She can't be spayed now until the kittens are weaned which will be around September and the kittens are booked in to be spayed in December/January.
Good Luck with your kitten.
Talk to your vet today. Yes, it sounds like she is in heat. You CAN wait untili she comes out of heat, but you will have to act fast! Some females can go back into heat in as little as 2 weeks if they don't get pregnant.
You can also have her fixed while she's in heat, but it will be more expensive. I've never heard about it making them act like they are in heat all the time, though.
BUT.. no, you are wrong if you think you want her to keep acting like she's in heat. Trust me. She may seem sweeter, but her howling and acting gross gets REAL OLD after awhile. My mom was driven so nuts that she threw my cat outside to get pregnant (This was along time ago).
But that said, I have never heard that if you spey while in heat they will always act like they're in heat.
My suggestion: Talk to a vet TODAY about setting up an appointment for one week from today (or thereabouts). Hopefully she'll be out of heat by then. If not, you can cancel the apointment. I reccomend getting her fixed as soon as she goes out of heat.
Usually between 3 and 6 months. I would suggest you make an appointment with your local vets office As Soon As Possible!
Have fun with your new kittens!!
why can no one spell this word right, its spayed, or spay. not spade and the worst is when people say spaded, it makes me laugh, idiots.
She'll be even nicer when she's spayed. It's very stressful for a cat to continually go through heat cycles. My calico calmed down and became a lot more loving once she was spayed. I waited MUCH too long.
6 months is old enough. If she's already going into heat, get it done asap.
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