Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Can My Cat Be?

My Cat has been missing for about 5-6 days now %26 I'm really worried. I don't want to give up now %26 I don't like the thought of him being dead because I really love him :[ We have this way of calling him inside by banging a spoon against his food bowl and he'd come running in from where ever he was, but it isn't working this time. Is this normal? Can it be mating season? Or Out with other Cats somewhere?
Hi. I hope by now your kitty has found it's way home.
I would still leave fresh water and food outside and keep banging on his food dish, like you usually do. Call his name and keep at it. Hopefully he will be home before you know it and won't get out again.
I will keep you and your kitty in our prayers.
If your cat isn't neutered he could be out looking for a mate. If he isn't neutered then you should get him neutered. You should go to your local shelters and look for him. You should ask your neighbors if they have seen him and MAKE them take your number. You could put up posters with his picture on them, you could run an ad in the paper. I hope you find your cat.
You need to report him missing to your animal shelter and go and look at the cats in the shelter as he may have been picked up also put a add in your local news paper for a lost cat.someone might have taken him in. Don't stop looking for him.My cat was gone for 17days in the middle of summer was gave her up for dead than one day she was just there waiting for us on the don't give up hope and good luck on finding him.
That happens with my cat all of the time.
When I can't find her, I just keep calling her and she comes.
Sometimes she is outside for weeks.
She stays with neighbors and stuff like that. I'm sure your kitty is alive somewhere. No bother looking at the sad side!
Your cat knows that he's doing.
is he an outdoor cat? if its hot out he may be hiding in the shade
Definitely don't give up looking for your cat. Every day, go outside to look around for him, and call him and bang a spoon against his food bowl like you usually do. Ask the neighbors if they've seen him and if you can look in their yards for him. Call your vets and shelters to ask if anyone found a cat. Put up poster at the vets and shelters, etc with a current photo and description of your cat. Make a sign that you put a poster on...and place the stake in the ground.
Your cat could be lost, mating, exploring, hurt, or someone could have picked him up thinking he was a stray cat. Maybe someone is feeding him, and he has gone back to that house to get fed again. Anyway, when you get him home, have him neutered.
You can take comfort in the fact that cats are smart and typically can find their way home.
I have a kitty that used to do this, especially in the summertime, and he is neutered, too. I guess they just go out on mysterious feline escapades for a few days and come home when they're hungry enough. All of the advice above me is very good, don't give up looking for your kitty. I do the same thing with making noise with food to get my cat to come, and I have noticed with mine that sometimes he will actually be outside not out of hearing range of me and the sound, but will just not be responding because. I guess he doesn't want to. If you DO find your kitty, I would strongly suggest you get in the habit of not letting him out after dark. There are too many things that can get them out there after dark. Get into the habit of making him come home in the afternoon/evening, after you get home from work, around dinner time, etc, or even any time you just happen to be home in the daytime. If he is used to being out alot at first he will be a pain in the butt because he wants out, but if you train him to learn that nighttime means inside the house, he will stay closer to home and not be so hard to find. I train my cats this way and it works really well.
Good luck to you, I hope you find your kitty ^..^
wow. my cat recently went missing and i'm going through the same thing you are. I pretty much gave up and thought she was dead. My cat is my baby, and i've been crying every night. reading this has given me a lot of hope for my baby kitty and i will not give up. i hope you stay strong and positive because that's what i'm going to do.
My cat, Oskar kept disappearing from home. It took us 2 weeks for us to find him. Or rather, for him to come home. It was over the summer, when people travel, and he got locked into someone's basement! Or so we speculate. He came home, kinda afraid of us, but very emaciated! He was literally skin and bone. Other times, he'd disappear for a few days and come home for food, a night of sleep, then he was off again. He's not fourteen years old, and prefers to hang around the front of the house.
To try and find him, though, we alerted the local animal shelters to keep an eye out for our cat, gave them details and such, and searched the neighborhood every night, calling his name and shaking his box of cat food. Don't give up looking for him. We thought Oskar would never come back, but he did. Keep vigilant, and don't let your mind think the worst just yet. Cats can go for 2 weeks without food.
If your cat does came back - you're lucky - there's lots of things out there can kill your cat - How about keeping it INSIDE - where's it's safe??
Try putting signs everywhere.
Call for your cat everyday and don't give up! There's many many stories about cats missing for several days, even weeks and then returning home. Sounds like your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat so most likely he'll know his way home. And bad things don't automatically happen to a cat if they get out ( how punk rawk grrl answered). Obviously Punk Rawk Grrl is a cold hearted person and finds happiness in others peoples heartbreak or sadness.
Male cats are wanderers, they will track for days at a time sometimes, especially if it can smell another cat on heat. I would get your parent to go with you and put up some flyer's in show window, I would definitely ask you neighbours if they could check their sheds or under their house, cats can sometimes curl up and go to sleep in someones shed or even get under a house, one of ours went missing once and we found her in the ceiling, she had gone under the house (while my husband had the door open to get something out) and she'd climbed up the inside of the walls into the roof! We had to open the man-hole and coax her down with a piece of ham, so I'd get your mum or dad to check there as well. I hope he returns to you soon, I feel for you, as I have lost 2 cats and not known what ever happened to them, a word of advice, if you want to have a long-lived loving cat, make him an inside only cat, at least you will know where he is at all times and know that he's alright, gone are my days of waiting up till 3 in the morning for my cat to finally come inside for the night. Best of luck, hope he comes back soon. Keep your chin up!
I had a male cat that started wondering off for long periods of time. Hez just out gallavanting %26 scopin out tha girly cats. My cat actually dissappeared for a couple of months one time %26 i thought the worst. He just showed up one day like "okay, wherez dinner?"
Male cats can and do travel a long distance to find a female cat that is in heat. When he returns, I would suggest having him neutered, but even that may not stop his need to roam. For me, I keep my cat indoors where I know he is safe. I hope he returns as I can tell from your post that he is much loved and missed.
My cat was missing for two weeks one time and she turned up at a farm way down the way. Put out lost cat posters and there is a better chance he will turn up. Did you get him fixed? If not he may fight with other males, in which case he may be in some danger. Don't give up. When he comes home, make it your first priority to get him fixed!
Have you looked around the neighborhood, called out ti's name, left out food, and put up signs because that helps, my friends cat was gone for a few days and we found him with a broken leg so he might still be alive but he may be hurt or someone took him in if there are signs up then if someone has him then they will find you, you should check a shelter to see if he's there good luck stay positive but be ready for anything.
I feel really bad for you sweetie. But when he comes back get him fixed right away, so he doesn't do thid again.good luck
Go down to your local animal shelter and see if your cat was picked up. Don't just call because they do not always give correct information. You should make many trips. If your cat returns,please get him neutered and he will stay close to home.
He could have been wondering around the neighborhood into other cat territories, he could have gotten into a fight. Maybe someone else took him in to take care of him. When I had my full bred Maine Coon cat, I had the humane society put a micro chip in him and he also wore a collar with tag.
Being that your cat is about a year old, he is waaayyyy out of his league to mate. He is able to mate when he wins a female and is able to pin her down but he will get his little butt kicked if he fights for a female. If you have another cat sometime again, have a I.D. tag and a micro chip in him. You would have more of a chance of someone giving your cat back. Unless, they just dont care and they keep him. Also have him/her fixed.
Good luck.
Someone may have taken him in. He may have gotten stuck somewhere. You should get him neutered if and when he returns.
It is possible that a wild animal got him or that he got hit by a car. I'm very sorry to say.
I don't let my cats outside. I had an indoor/outdoor cat stay with me for a little over a week and I wouldn't let it outside. It was ok. The cat made it through. He was a 4 yr old male.
If your cat returns, don't let him and get him fixed. It doesn't cost a lot to get a male fixed.
once my cat was missing turned out she was inside my sofa because it has a hole.
Reporting him to the human society would be a good idea. That way they will be on the look out for him and call you if one like yours shows up. Thats how I found my cat, but I have this one good story about my sisters cat that may help your loneliness. She had moved, she couldn't find her cat anywhere and gave up looking, About amonth later she was sitting outside on her steps, {she moved to a completely different area of the city}.All of a sudden her cat walked up and rubbed himself on her leg. She was in shock. He found her after such a long time. So hopefully your cat will come home soon. All the best to you.

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