Monday, May 24, 2010

Which of the following girl's names do you like best?

1. Della
2. Greta
3. Nora
This is for a cat, not a human being. I want to adopt either a calico or a black cat. I like older names (18th and 19th century), and dark and mysterious names.
Nora if it's black...Greta for a calico...
I like Greta
I like Nora, its sounds soo Cute!
Della, it's unique.
I like Nora.
Della and Nora for a cat are my favs.
For a cat, I would choose Della. It's a very nice name. :)
greta sounds like a name a witch would have.
della reminds me of a deli
and nora is okay.
Out of these 3.I would vote for about Gertie? I like that better.
I love the names Nora and Della. They are beautiful names for a cat.
maybe you could make the first names NORA and the middle name DELLA
Greta is cute for a cat! My sister and I were going to name our cat Delilah, this was BEFORE the song came out.
nora sweet name
they are all nice except for greta
i also like stella
Nora is a very cute name
Della is my fav.
Lilith means "of the night"
Pandora means "every gift"
Nora is very pretty..
But why are you not considering a human name?
It's cute as friend had cats named Chris, Tony and Linda.
I like Della!!!
Della I've had cats named: Domino, Mischa, Topaz, Cameo, Romany, Velvet.
Nora is adorable...
Remeber you want a name that you can tell your friends and won't be embarressed about.
Also its good to get to know the cat before naming it.
All my pets were named after I was able to see their true personalities..that way made it seem more meaningful.
Just a thought
ew there all so "gross!"

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