Monday, May 24, 2010

Where do most people find free kittens?

Answers: has a classified section where a lot of people list free kittens. your local newpaper or the online version of your local newspaper will most likely have some listed. also, some people post them on craiglist (online) or their local freecycle group (again, online). Most animal shelters have a small adoption fee, but that's only to help offset the cost of caring for the animals... if they gave them away free they wouldnt be able to afford to feed them.
Why do you ask?
They find them where IDIOTS, MORONS chose to advertise them.
Why are you people posting where this person could find a free kitten? He could be looking for bait, for torture, etc. And your helping this person.
A free kitten is never free. After the neuter/spay, shots it would cost more for a "free" rather than get it from a shelter.
Animal dad found mine at his job...
Local paper or vet clinics where they hang up posters
check your local papers, there's tons of free kittens that people are trying to get rid of. They just don't realize there are uncaring and unkind people who take advantage of free kittens for lab testing, bating pit bulls or selling to horrible people that make their money selling domestic animals for vivisection.
Generally advertised in your local newspaper, vets clinic, animal shelters... there is a lot of different places. May I suggest ringing up a shelter that may have abandoned kittens free to a loving home?
Kittens don't usually have price tags, only full breds.
Most domestic cats who give birth, their owners always advertise our hang up notices to get the kittens homed.
If you want a free cat I know where there are some. In my front yard. I have 8 cats/kittens that I am allergic to and I am trying to find good homes for them. If you would like one just email me at:
I asked around at work if anyone had any kittens for my son's b-day present. A week later I had 2.
I also have 6 stray kittens, about 8 weeks old, currently sleeping on my front porch. Kittens are a bit to easy to find unfortunatly, many never get good caring homes.
The local paper or better yet the local pet shelter are the best places.
Your local animal shelter is a great start.. there are thousands of cats who need homes.. adult cats and kittens... look at posting near you local grocery store.. sometimes people will post them there. or try New kittens are posted regularly...
I was driving down the street when I saw a free kitten sign nailed to tree in front of a house...apparently the family refuses to spay their cat and she has a litter about once a year, which is disgusting (if you're not gonna spay your cat the least you could do is not allow the cat to mate and give birth to an entire litter of kittens every year! Over the years that family gave away over two dozen cats via this method and god only knows what happens to those kittens!)
however the case, you should never get a cat if you can't afford all the expenses (food, vet bills, emergency vet bills, etc...-even toys and litter can add up)
and the people who give away free kittens generally aren't doing what's in the best interest of the kittens because by giving away free kittens you're really opening yourself up to having people take a cat home on an impulse and then not taking care of it
if you're strapped for cash yet still can afford a cat then I suggest a trip to the animal shelter...I know the shelter I volunteer at adopts out cats for $85 and gives you a $50 coupon to get the cat spayed or neutered if it is not already (usually it costs well over a hundred dollars to get a cat fixed so the coupon makes it so you only have to pay half cost) besides alot of cats at the shelter are already fixed before you bring them home (at no extra cost to you)...also, at our shelter they have what they call a "mature cat discount" meaning if the cat is over three years old you can adopt the cat for half price (so instead of $85 for a cat under three years old, you could pay $43 for a cat that is over three years old---this is still a great deal because cats live to be about 20 years old!)
you can also check and your local classified section of the newspaper
good luck
In the news paper.
newspaper adds, and talking to other people. I have some free
Farms, newspaper or word of mouth. But beware my "free"kitten cost me a lot at the vet as he was a sick, had ear mites and had to be nuetered. You might as well pay the adoption fee at the pound and get a healthy cat.
Usually from the newspaper classifieds.

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