Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can i get a free kitten in luton?

im looking for a kitten but for free either in or near luton!
go onto gumtree and you will find one if you post a free ad in your area
no where adopt a kitten u r saving a life too
Try an animal sanctuary or rescue home or RSPCA.
like someone else said have a look on gumtree.
Why free!
If you can't afford to buy one then how are you going to be able to afford to look after it. Or are you planning not to get it vaccinated and just going to keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't get sick?
I certainly wouldn't give you one of ours with that attitude and neither would anyone else at the Animal Welfare Centre where I work. We do vaccinate them first but expect a small donation! Kittens cost money to feed!
The person above pretty much sums up what I was going to say, if you want one for free then why?
Is there an adoption center. Save a life

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