Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can I get soft claws for 5.00?

Someone in another post said I can find soft paws/claws for 5.00. I have looked and can't find any for under 20.00. Anyone know where I can get them for 5.00
I think that poster was misinformed or maybe their vet breaks up packages and only sells portions at a reduced cost. I've never seen vinyl nail caps of any brand for under $15-20. has them for $15 (plus S%26H, of course).
Have you tried pet smart or pet co. If not try looking on the internet and see if any pet store online has them.
I would gladly tell you but I don't know what soft paws/claws are. or where to get them for 5.00$ Sorry!
you cant get them for 5 bucks, they do in fact cost around 20. but they are totally worth it, and there are enough in the package for a few months supply

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