Monday, May 24, 2010

Where do you get a cone for a cat?

petco or petsmart, or even probably from your vet.
You can buy them from the vets ( they are only a couple of pounds) or one vet nurse suggested to me to use a plant pot or big yoghurt tub and cut the bottom out of it.
You could make one out of a lamp shade just make sure the edges around the cats neck have no sharpe plastic. Just cut a lampshade down the middle and glue on some velcro tape. Measure the size of the cats neck and try find a lamp shad that will be just a bit wider and make sure it will be short enough so it cat eat and drink. Dollar stores often have great lamp shades and they'e cheap.
At the vet's. My 2 1/2 month old kitten needed one to stop her from tearing out her stitches from a spay (the shelter spayed her before I adopted her) The cone was made of plastic, it was heavy, and it was too big for her so her head hung down, I had to take it off. The vet was kind enough to loan me one, she told me if I didn't return it they would just charge me for it.
yeah vets sell them! good luck with your kitty keeping it on, mine was a nightmare!
ask a vet. why do you need it. if it's not for something medical then forget it. and dont try to make one yourself because it might not be safe
At the vets office.
Thanks for asking

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