Monday, May 24, 2010

Where does my cat go when he buggers off for a day or so?

Sometimes my cat goes off for like a full day and night and then ill think hes lost but then he'll come bcak.He's been neutered so i dont think hes looking for felines.Any ideas where my cat goes?
Its a strange thing aswell that almost every time i go out when i pull onto the drive hell suddenly appear as if from nowhere just meowing at me
Check out this:
This guy put a camera on his cat to see what he was up to when he was out and about. It's pretty funny :)
Even though he is neutered, it is his instinct to go looking for female cats. That is all he is doing.
Cats do that for fun. They come back to you, they know where home is.
Someone else is feeding him.
he goes for a good time with his female pussys
he goes wandering for a mate sometimes to run but mostly to get laid
probably off with mine
To a cathouse and a cat nap
hmm it sounds as though he is getting food from someone else.
put a tag and collar on him and the other person will know not to feed him anylonger.
probably rifling through your neighbours bins %26 causing mess everywhere in your neighbours gardens
Cats are mysterious creatures. They like to wander and fall asleep in strange places. He probably doesn't go anywhere special. Hunting mice, chipmunks and the such and falling asleep under a tree. Most outdoor cats wander. And he probably is lying in wait for you in some secluded spot until he hears your car and then pops out.
Killing birds, shitting on other peoples gardens, all the things those menaces do.
Your cat probably has about three other homes, has it put on weight recently, maybe somebody else has been feeding your cat, and your not the only house where he spends alot of his time!
hes tout to bag some women (female cats)
mine used to do that until he stopped coming back found out some one else was feeding him and he liked their food better
He's off to his other hotel. A lot of cats have two "homes". My aunt's cat used to disappear for 6 weeks every Summer, she was frantic the first time it happened then after a few years of this she got used to it and started saying "oh, he's away on his holidays".
day trip to france on a booze cruise
I think cats just like to explore especially male cats.So its hard to say where he goes.Just be glad he comes home!
Well,where do YOU bugger off to for a day or two?(when the mood takes you)
Cats are exempt from sensations of pain.
God chose them to be specially solected to feel nothing but intense pleasure.
Everything that they do leads to them expierencing an orgasm. The more active they are, the more intense the pleasure.
You can see that this is the case becuase of how theyt role on the floor in constant extancy,
They spend eternity in orgasm.
God has cats roaming around him, protecting him from harm, like a load of lions. He rewards them with pleasure that never ends.
Scientists have now come upon evidence that cans frequentlu expierence sexual arousal.
i know you have heard-too old to hunt- well ,cut or not he'll still look,and i'm told cat seem to know when there owners comming home%26lt;>IS%26lt;>
it dos not madder if he is neutered a boy is a boy they still like girls and they will never change
my grandmother always said they went off to a cat convention.
He goes over the hills, far far away,
where the kitties all go at the end of the day,
he'll meet them and talk of the things that hes done,
and when he is tired he'll wander back home,
its a lovely affair, all the kitties have fun,
they dance and they sing and they purr in the sun,
when the darkness does fall, they must say their goodbyes,
and make their way home, under stars in the sky.
lol,had a really cute image when you mentioned the kitty cat wondering off, bet he goes and meets with his kitty-cat friends xxx
I have two cats and i have spend countless hours over the yrear i have had them screaming like a banshe when they disapear.
i think it a cat thing
either that or some cats just love to wind you up
and worry the hell out of ya lol
U can never own a cat. They own u.
Fantastic creatures.
probably on a ***** hunt...great idea !!
he's hunting or playing
hello. my cat Milo does the same thing, but he can be gone for 3 days at a time, and worries me to death. I think he looks for felines some of the time, but most of the time i believe he is hunting, and just exploring. I've never been able to find him anywhere if i look. But he always comes back. The other day he brought me back a half of a baby rabbit. I thought it was disgusting, but i petted milo and thanked him for it because he thought it was a present. I hope this helps you some on knowing where your cat goes off too. I think it might just be a cat thing.

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