Monday, May 24, 2010

Who put the cat out?

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Who, who, who, who!
I did :-)
my dog did
Not me. They both stay inside and I spoil them!
Lol! Same with mine, they are indoor kitties :)
i dont have a cat
Well, I surely didn't--mine's strictly an INDOOR only cat.
sorry but it wasnt me, we dont have a kittycat. I only have gerbils.
It wasnt my mum or brother as they only have dogs
My daughter has a cat so it might have ben her who put the cat out... not that the kitty ever stays inside during the daytime
I didn't know it was on fire.
The cat let itself out.
Hi, Not me, i try to keep my cat's in especially at night, it is dangerous for cat's to be out at night they can start wandering and get lost. I also have a job on to get them to go out this weather, they hate the rain.
I can't I don't have a garden so my cat lives in a flat on secon floor.
if it was on fire then i have to addmit it was me. if u mean outside then am not guilty. 1. don't have a cat 2. don't know were u live to put yours out and 3. which bloody cat?
Who let him back in?
My dog did it.
The fire brigade.
the vet?

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