Monday, May 24, 2010

Which cats don't shed and can you Kennel a cat like a dog?

The only cats that do not shed are the hairless ones, so the Sphinx.
You can kennel a cat, they don't like it, but there are cat-boarding "kennels".
They all shed, some more, some less %26 yes they have kennels for cats to
Any cat (or dog) with hair will shed. If you mean board a cat at a kennel, yes, some boarding facilites do cater to cats and have special boarding rooms just for them. If you mean keep a cat confined to a kennel - you can, but it's cruel.
Hairless cats (Sphynx, Peterbald, Kohana) are the only cats that don't shed (they leave skingrease behind though, and prepare to pull your chequebook as they're not cheap) and no, kenneling cats is very very stressful to them.
I was told by some ignorant breeder once that his caged cat was eating his own tail - and he had no clue why.
If you consider how big the territory of a feral cat is, it's just about acceptable to keep cats in a house. A kennel is plain cruel, and will leave a cat with severe behavioral problems.
If you have problems with hairs, or are afraid any of your stuff might get damaged, please don't get a cat, it wouldn't be the right pet for you- you wouldn't be the right owner for a cat.
the only cats that don't shed are hairless but they're ugly and are all greasey ew
a devon rex and a cornish rex shedding is minimal but they aren't very attractive either they have unusually large ears, and the cornish looks kind of like an ugly dog...
a cat can be kenneled, but it's not really necessary, and they don't really enjoy it.
if you clean out their litter box and leave food for the week for them they will be very happy. but if it's too long then you should have someone come over and give them more food and clean their litter box intermittently. they won't ruin your house like a dog will while you're gone though.
if you're looking for a pet that doesn't shed then some dogs grow hair instead of fur, like a shih-tzu or a lahpso ahpso (i'm not sure how to spell that). their hair grows long like a humans instead of falling out. lots of owners choose to cut their hair short. so any hair that falls out (just like human hair) is still small.
i know you dont need my opinion, but if one of your main concerns about a pet is if they can be kenneled then maybe you dont have enough time to keep a pet right now. all pets require a lot of attention just like children. unless you're getting a fish or something, but even then you need to be there to feed it.
all cats shed, cats hate kennels....not a good idea
Yes you can cage then but they DO NOT like it. Like some have already said, Hairless are the only ones that don't shed, yet you have to be VERY careful with them. You have to wash your hands before you touch them and they have a lot of health problems. They have VERY sensitive skin. YOu can always get a cat and have it shaved (i've seen it before and we shave our long haired cat in the summer) THey look funny but there is no way to have an animal NOT shed unless it's hairless and has nothing to shed.

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