Friday, May 21, 2010

Where can i find a himalayan cat stud service in VA?

I'm thinking about breeding my female lilac-cream himalayan cat and need to find a stud in VA.
Do only start breeding after you've thoroughly informed youself; it seems to be all nice and fun but it's a very responsible task and many a thing can go wrong.
Putting new living beings on this earth should never be taken lightly.
That said, the cat associations (which one are you registered with? - you will only be able to get pedigrees for your kittens if you register with an association and get a catteryname - not breeding with pedigrees is generally considered to just be "multiplying" and adding to the amount of non-purebred cats - which shelters are already full of) should be able to help you out, so inquire with TICA, CFA, whichever appeals to you. The tend to keep lists of cats at stud, and can help you pick the best one for your queen.
The breeder of your girl should also be able to help you; if he/ she's an established breeder he/she will have extensive contacts throughout the catfancy, and he/she'll know everything about your cat's ancestors and what stud would be a good match because of that.
You could also look up some breeders on the internet and contact them for advice.
If you're sincere about why you want to do this, are well-informed and responsible about it, most breeders would be pleased to help you out and help you make responsible choices that benefit the breed.
You shouldn't just look for any other Himmie or Persian, but also for a cat that goes well with your girls pedigree (no, or little, inbreeding) who has healthy ancestors, nice temper and a type you like (f.i. doll faced).
Do some research on your girl's background too!
Other breeders can help you with this.
Make sure your girl is HCM, PKD,( DNA test and/or scan) FeLV and FIV tested before you breed her, to make sure she doesn't pass any (inherited) disease on to her kittens. Have her fully vaccinated, dewormed and free of parasites.
Have the same standards for the stud.
Good luck!

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