Friday, May 21, 2010

When cats purr does that mean they're happy?

how do they show they love you?
Normally, we as humans love to hear cats purr, because we think it means they are happy. In most instances, this is correct, but cats will also purr to calm them down when they are in pain or frightened (notice the difference if they are shaking at the vets when sick and still purring).
A cat rubs his cheeks on things (and people) to show affection and to put his scent on them. They may also blink slowly at you while purring, which some say is "cat kisses."He might even give you his paws or sleep on your lap, showing he trusts you.
Lastly, they may "bathe" (lick) your toes or fingers or earlobes to show they feel close to you.
Cats have many ways of expressing love, all of which indicate they feel close to you. Enjoy getting to know your cat and how he or she indicates affection!
In general, yes it means they are happy.
yes,they show their love by purring.they will go round you legs,and bite you leg finger gently.their tail will be vertically up.
if a cat shows u love you will know it..purring is supposes to be a happy and content cat
NO it means they are preparing to kill somebody! If your cat is purring, and letting you know about it, get out of the room and tell someone!
Yah, they purr when their content and happy.
My cat purrs the whole time, when it stops, we wonder if its alive or not :/
Cats purr when experiencing pleasure and/or contentment. They also purr while in pregnancy to comfort themselves. Other than that, they are not known to purr by themselves but only when others are in the room.
I was of the understanding that purring was an emotional outlet - my cat purrs both when happy but also when nervous. He purrs at the vet when he is a little freaked out.
The vet said that the combination of purring %26 rubbing up against you or purring %26 sleeping is happy/content however purring %26 flicking their tail is a sign of nervousness %26 fear.
They are happiest when you breastfeed them.
when cats purr its a sign of affection and love its there way of showing love they rub up you and purr its affection, and when you stroke the cat they will purr its there way of communicating.
Cats purr when they are happy and they rub up against you to show they love you also.

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