Monday, May 24, 2010

Where to take 2 stray kittens?

I have just noticed 2 stray kittens, not more than 1yr old that are loose across the street from my work! I work right on a busy road that backs up to an interstate highway! I really dont want to see these kittens hurt, can i just take these little ones to an animal shelter? Where should i take them? Id keep them but i allready have 3 cats and a dog of my own.
They won't have much of a chance in a shelter. Try to find an animal rescue group, network with friends or coworkers or others you may associate with at church, clubs, etc to see if you can find them a home yourself. Next option, a no-kill shelter, but know that the "no-kill" words are no guarantee if they become too full or the kittens become ill, %26 then lastly the shelter. Call every rescue group you can first, %26 offer a donation if possible to offset their costs. Also, try to determine if the they are tame or feral (undomesticated/wild)if feral,shelters won't adopt them out as there are more homes than will take the tame ones, ferals don't get much of a chance - but you may be able to find a feral rescue group to spay/neuter/vaccinate them %26 return them or relocate them to a safer area if you could feed them - relocating ferals isn't as easy as it sounds - contact Alley Cat Allies for info on that %26 caring for a cat colony.I feed several colonies of ferals %26 adore them - they fare suprisingly well - some I have cared for as much as 8 years, but it is a big responsibility, as they need food %26 water daily , rain or shine, warm or cold, etc, whether you are sick or well, so you may need a backup person to assist you with their care. The sad fact is there are just more cats than good homes, so do the best you can. You might also discover they have an owner, just not a very responsible one, if so, you might be able to leave a note or talk to them about the dangers cats face when living outside - dogs, cars, cat hating people, diseases, etc.
Take the to the nearest Spca or animal shelter in your area. Tell them your story. They will understand.
Go to or google no kill shelters in your area. You have two options for exactly how the kittens will get to the shelter. Once you have found a shelter that will take the cats you can
a) catch them yourselves give them a bit of food and drop them off at the shelter later.
b) Call the shelter explain the sistuation and have them pick up the cats.
Hope I could help!
Local humane society
or animal shelter
Try find a no kill shelter in your area which will take them.
Put posters up saying if anybody wants these cats and also put your phone number. If nobody calls in 1-2 weeks you will have to take it to the animal shelter.
if u are sure they are strays take them to the humain society!
Try to find an animal rescue in your area. You can then go to the animal rescue's website to find their policy. Where I live, stray animals have to be reported to animal control, where they're kept for a week and usually put to sleep if unclaimed. However, the rescues around here accept you as owner if you keep the animals for 5 days, bypassing animal control. You may want to try this if this is the policy in your state/county.
animal shelter or RSPCA
If you think about a no kill shelter really check it out first. Sometimes these places are really bad. The people mean well but I think an animal is better off in a humane shelter possibly awaiting death then crammed into some crappy flea ridden no kill shelter.

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