Monday, May 24, 2010

Who ca i call to ask if no pets in the lease only refers to dogs and cats?!?

Ask the landlord. Usually if it says no pets, it means no animals of any kind. If it says no cats and dogs, then it means no cats and dogs and it will usually specify which small animals are OK (fish, birds, caged animals under a certain size, etc).
Your landlord or property management company.
Call the landlord or leasing office.
Your landlord is the only one who can answer that question. Normally "No Pets' means no pets. Fish tank could leak, Hamsters %26 mice could escape cage, rabbits potty every where, birds can be very noisy and chew, etc.
No pets is going to refer to anything that can damage the apartment. About the only pet that would not would be a bug or a fish. Anything else, even if normally in a cage, does get out and can mess up a rug with stains or odors.
the landlord, but what do wanna take a f-ing kangaroo
Your landlord or management company or super. Some places will not allow aquariums, for obvious reasons, and many will not allow large parrots because of the noise. This all depends on your landlord.

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