Friday, May 21, 2010

When will my cat have normal habits after over eating?

My 1 yr old cat got over feed but my roommate. We usual feed him 1/2 bowl once a day and my roommate feed him 1 full bowl twice a day! Anyway he's been throwing up his food ever since. I'm hoping that the smaller portions we keep giving him will stay down but its been 2 days and he's still throwing it up. Any thoughts to how long we should wait before we should really get worried or just stick to giving smaller portions? When will my cat have normal eating habits?
Assuming that the only cause of his vomiting is the overfeeding, he will be okay in a few days.
Just give him smaller portions and he will adjust back to them. You might give him some chicken baby food (read the label and be sure it doesn't contain any onion or garlic flavoring) in place of some of his regular food for a few days.
Some cats are gluttons. It's especially true of a cat that has gone hungry for some reason, whether because he was a stray trying to scrounge enough to stay alive, or a pet who got accidentally locked up somewhere without food. Some cats never get over the fear of going hungry again, and as long as there is food in front of them, they will try to eat it all.
If you are worried that your cat may be becoming dehydrated or that there is something seriously wrong, I recommend you take him to the vet. The cost of the office visit is cheap for the peace of mind it provides, and if there is something wrong, you'll be getting it taken care of before it gets worse.
Well just give a give him a thumb sized proportion for a while if he stops vomiting then give him 1/2 bowl a day again. But if he doesnt try taking him to a vet if it continues!
I think your cat has something wrong, going to a vet is my best advised, he is young and that's not normal, I have 6 cats at the moment, my cats have dried food always and soft small portions up to 5 times a day.
it may be a coincidence that the overfeeding and an illness occurred at the same time. don't let it go more than a day or two.
an anecdote: my old cat was fat. so we put him on a diet and starting losing weight, slowly the first week or two, then very quickly, we thought it was great! turns out it was a tumor. we attributed the weight loss to his diet for so long, that the tumor went unrecognized for waayyy too long.

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