Monday, May 24, 2010

Where can I go to get to get free or cheap rabies shot for my cat in the Houston area?

Even if it's cheap, I dont' want to get charged $50 for the office visit plus the shot.
Call your local Humane Society. They sometimes offer free or low cost rabies and other vaccinations. They also offer low cost spay/neuter services.
if u go get rabie shots it less than $20 without visit charges .. my pits was $17 flat.. walk in and out
if you take the cat to the PetSmart vet they should have a walk in time where you aren't charged for the visit.
Rabies shots are only $12 to $15. Call the vet and say you need the shot but no exam, you're on a budget and want to keep the cat updated with the shots. If they can't do it, then ask for referals to someone who can.

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